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Ritain’s most effective operatives in Northern France She knows that the Germans’ ability to thwart the Allied attack depends upon their lines of communications and in the days before the invasion no target is of greater strategic importance than the largest telephone exchange in EuropeBut when Flick and her Resistance leader husband try a direct head on assault that goes horribly wrong her world turns upside down Her group destroyed her husband missing her superiors unsure of her her own confidence badly shaken she has one last chance at the target but the challeng.

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JackdawsPDF / Epub Jackdaws Author Ken Follett D Day is approaching They don’t know where or when but the Germans know it'll be soon and for Felicity “Flick” Clairet the stakes have never been higher A senior agent in the ranks of the Specia D Day is approaching They don’t know where or when but the Germans know it'll be soon and for Felicity “Flick” Clairet the stakes have never been higher A senior agent in the ranks of the Special Operations Executive SOE responsible for sabotage Flick has survived to become one of B.

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review Jackdaws ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¼ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☉ Jackdaws Author Ken Follett – D Day is approaching They don’t know where or when but the Germans know it'll be soon and for Felicity “Flick” Clairet the stakes have never been higher A senior agent in the ranks of the Specia D Day is apE once daunting is now near impossible The new plan reuires an all woman team none of them professionals to be assembled and trained within days Code named the Jackdaws they will attempt to infiltrate the exchange under the noses of the Germans—but the Germans are waiting for them now and have plans of their own There are secrets Flick does not know—secrets within the German ranks secrets among her hastily recruited team secrets among those she trusts the most And as the hours tick down to the point of no return most daunting of all there are secrets within herself..

review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook Ken Follett is one of the world’s most successful authors Over million copies of the books he has written have been sold in over countries and in languages Born on June th in Cardiff Wales the son of a tax inspector Ken was educated at state schools and went on to graduate from University College London with an Honours degree in Philosophy – later to be made a Fellow of.

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  • Dana Ilie

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsThis is a heart racing brilliantly fast paced and gripping read To merely call it 'exciting' would be an understatement The plot is fantastically well written bringing together drama history and tangible emotion This is certainly not a book which can be easily put downFollett not only knows how to tell a fantastic story and captivate the reader h

  • David

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsReading Jackdaws like other Ken Follett titles I've read is kind of like riding a moped It's a lot of fun but all the same you really don't want to be seen enjoying it For me reading Follett is one of those guilty pleasures where you know it isn't the best writing out there the characters aren't particularly well developed and in general the book isn't ground breaking or noteworthy in any way and yet you keep reading because secretly it's kind of funIf you like WWII fiction with lots of action and don't mind stereotypical characters then Follett's your man

  • Jess

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsI’m not even going to attempt to be diplomatic so buckle yourselves in because this book made me angryI’m surprised this has such a decent rating Jackdaws is a grim mockery of the dedication and fierce bravery of the SOE girls It exploits a very real and turbulent episode in European history failing to present the complexity of the sacrifice these women were willing to make many gave their lives What is marketed as an intense action packed thriller is nothing than a completely implausible troupe of women suabbling bitching about each other instigating cat fights and hooking up with every volunteer in a fifty mile radius Follett’s presentation of women is sickening The Jackdaws are never established as real characters beyond constant reminders of thei

  • Kristen Schrader (Wenke)

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsExactly fifty women were sent into France as secret agents by the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War Of those thirty si

  • Becky

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsEither KF is a dirty old man or he's taken the adage sex sells to heart For a spy novel there was an awful lot of flirting and crushes and sex — each instance intended to be shocking than the last Rather each was ridiculous than the last resulting in sighs and eye rolling Lots of eye rollingWhen the author wasn't writing amateur porn and got around to writing the spy part of his spy novel things didn't pick up as much as you'd think The plot never gets any serious mome

  • Shannon

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsFirst off I feel this is a 35 but I'm giving it 4 as some of the reviewers on here have been too harsh JACKDAWS takes the standard D Day spy stories but twists it by focusing on the Historical female agents or as they were known something of the unsung heroes This particular tale focuses on a female agent who is trying to knock down the phone lines of an SS H but needs to do it as cleaning ladies So after failing her first attempt she heads back to the UK where she and other govt officials recruit several female agents for training All of these women are untrained and have to do a crash course in spycraft Thereafter the next half of the book entails the women parachuting into France some of them getting caught or killed and then moving in on the mission Expect the usual B love story Story is very good in pacing and while some of the characters have the archetypal element I felt he did a good job creating a diverse selecti

  • Craig

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsJackdaws could have been a very good World War II novel It's about a group of women operatives most of them criminals or malcontents who are given a chance to serve their country and clear their records if they undertake a dangerous mission in France to blow up a Nazi communications center just as the D Day invasion begins Yes the premise is very much a female Dirty Dozen The action and characterization of the book are okay but typical There were just too many sex scenes And the sad thing is those scenes were entirely unecessary Follett has caved to the contemporary temptation of explicit sex Too bad Otherwise it would have been better

  • Leslie

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsI picked this up on holiday because I'd read through the books I'd brought and this was the only one among the English language secondhand paperbacks at the hotel I thought I could stand It's okay fo

  • Lobstergirl

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsAfter a chunk of the French resistance in Reims is killed a ragtag band of mostly English female saboteurs are recruited and trained to take their places and blow up an important telephone exchange operated by the Nazis They must be female because they're going in undercover as cleanersFollett is from the Captain Obvious school of writing In my favorite example the protagonist Flick and her gay brother Mark go to a gay club in LondonA waiter said Hello Markie and put a hand on Mark's shoulder but gave Flick a hostile glareRobbie meet my sister Mark said Her name's Felicity but we've always called her FlickThe waiter's attitude changed and he gave Flick a friendly smile Very nice to meet you He showed them a tableFlick guessed that Robbie had suspected she might be a girlfriend and had resented her for persuading Mark to change sides as it were Then he had warmed to her when he learned she was Mark's sisterBut

  • ChopinFC

    review Jackdaws ´ PDF DOC TXT or eBook JackdawsAnother stellar entry into the mind and brilliance of Ken Follett Follet brings us back into the chaos and madness of WW2 and again brilliantly narrates a story that is filled with action with engaging characters and most incredibly based on real events A group of