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[EPUB] ✺ Condor One By John Simpson – Citybells.co.uk The Democratic Party's 2012 nominee for President David J Windsor and America are eually shocked when he is outted by his opponent just six weeks before the Fall election Following his heart David choEPUB Condor One By John Simpson Citybellscouk The Democratic Party's 2012 nominee for President David J Windsor and America are eually shocked when he is outted by his opponent just six weeks before the Fall election Following his heart David cho The Democratic Party's nominee for President David J Windsor and America are eually shocked when

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Becomes the President's shadow always present and silent ever vigilant As the two men grow closer Shane does far than just his duty – he becomes as vital to David's happiness as he is to the President's health Together they realize they must find a way to balance the President and the Agent against David and Shane before stress and responsibility tear them apar

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Condor OneHe is outted by his opponent just six weeks before the Fall election Following his heart David chooses honesty over media spin and overcomes the obstacle to win the election Despite that success dark forces around the world begin to plot against him and President Windsor's security is a must Inside and outside the White House Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson

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  • Kelly H. (Maybedog)

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneThis book was so dumb it was painful It was a really not disguised at all opportunity for the author to rail against the Bush administration and talk about what he would do as president Now I agree with him politically and have the same harsh words for Bush et al but this was just boring A ton of time was spent with speeches the actual full speech And with logistics about his days Dullsville It was also WAY too simplistic I don't think the author really grasped how hard it is to accomplish r

  • Plainbrownwrapper

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneThis book is just soooo sooo bad The writing is clunky The dialog is stilted and artificial The plot is a comedy of logic failures The characters are thin thin cardboard The villains are not only Evil Cardboard Villain Homophobes but also Evil Republican Capitalists The political polemics are front and center from beginning to end ArgThe following dialog really cracked me up The narrator is the President Elect and he has just hugged his personal Secret Service bodyguard after finding out that the man is gay I resisted the strong urge to kiss him on the temple and released him after patting his back He looked at me and smiled his light green eyes sparkling“Thank you for that You’re the first man I’ve hugged in a while now who knows that I’m gay and who is gay himself I will respect our boundaries of course but it felt nice to hold you however briefly”“You’re than welcome

  • Tana

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneI really enjoyed this book and it has made me go read the whole series Excellent

  • Elisa Rolle

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneCondor One is a fantapolitic novel David Windsor multimillionaire business man and far cousin of William V the King of England is now a democratic candidate to be the new USA President His campaign goes very well since the american citizens are tired of years of Republican government and he is the most probable winner So his adversary lets drop the bomb during the last official speech David is gay Unexpected to everyone David doesn't deny the news and au contraire he embraces this new turn of his campaign gaining even consent from people who appreciate him for his honesty So David becomes the new President and his life takes an accelerate path; in all the whirlwind his only stepping stone is Shane his bodyguard Shane is a

  • Mati

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneMen in suits bodyguards and politics that is the major hit of this book I was wondering if author made his own Mary Sue but well hard to tell All was about politics and USA presidential election was the show because one of the candidates our humble hero David J Windsor yes the name has connection to British royal familywas outed as gay and became after that the first gay president who was facing the typical assassination attempts while dealing with crisis on the Middle East However our president was lucky to have his secret service agent who happ

  • Ryan

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneI believe this is about the 3rd or 4th time I've read this one To be frank the writing is choppy and the dialogue especially in the sex scenes can be ackward The plot is ridiculous The bad guys are cartoonish And the author's contempt for all thing Bush and Republican though I agree with that contempt is a little heavy handed There are plot holes galore and a few continuity issues on top of that You are probably asking yourself why in the world would I be rereading such a mess? It's a valid uestion one that I wo

  • Stacey Jo

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneI enjoyed this one It had a very Tom Clancy kind of feel to it with the spyespionage The author has an extensive background in military and se

  • Barbara

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneAfter reading a description of this book yesterday I though that it would be an incredible read Unfortunately even though the author had an interesting idea for the plot the book in itself was simply boring and the relationship between main characters was unbelievable For most of the time I rolled my eyes when I read some descriptions they were too detailed Besides I feel like the whole book was rushed too much at the end Why two stars and not one? Because I liked the idea behind the book

  • Hayley

    ☆ John Simpson Condor Onethis was my first official print mm romance book After years of MillsBoon and slash fanfiction It did not dissapoint I could hardly put it down and whilst the ending seemed choppy is was left open for a seuel which after email the author I am advised is on the cards I hope to read MM romance I'm hooked now

  • Jess Candela

    ☆ John Simpson Condor OneI found the writing style too clunky to hold my interest