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Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 ¼ ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Devotedly By Valerie Elliot Shepard ✎ – Their paths to God’s purpose led them togetherMany know the heroic story of Jim Elliot’s violent death in 1956 killed along with four other missionaries by a primitive Ecuadorian tribe they were Their paths to God’s purpose led[PDF / Epub] Devotedly By Valerie Elliot Shepard Their paths to God’s purpose led them togetherMany know the heroic story of Jim Elliot’s violent death in 1956 killed along with four other missionaries by a primitive Ecuadorian tribe they were Their paths to God’s purpose led th.

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Tinues to resonate even after her own death in What many don’t know is the remarkable story of how these two stalwart personalities—single mindedly devoted to pursuing God’s will for their young lives certain their future callings would reuire them to sacrifice forever the blessings of marriage—found their hearts intertwine.

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DevotedlyEm togetherMany know the heroic story of Jim Elliot’s violent death in killed along with four other missionaries by a primitive Ecuadorian tribe they were seeking to reach Many also know the prolific legacy of Elisabeth Elliot whose inspiring influence on generations of believers through print broadcast and personal testimony con.

Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 Elisabeth Elliot missionaries to the uichua and Auca Indians now called Waodani which means the people of the Jungle Her father Jim along with four other men was speared to death in as they sought to reach the Aucas with the Gospel After Jim's death Elisabeth and Valerie continued to live with the uichuas until they were invited to live with the tribe that had killed Jim They ministered to the Aucas for two years as Elisabeth and another missionary Rachel Saint learned to speak the language and shared the story of Jesus with them Many Aucas converted to Christ as a result abandoning their savage waysValerie returned with her mother to the US in and has been married to Walter Shepard for years Walt and Valerie have eight children together whom they have homeschooled and lead active lives of Christian ministry They currently reside in Southport North Carolina.

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  • Erica Schrader

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 Devotedly“But for my own part if a book is well written I always find it too short” Jane AustinThat’s how I feel about this book Filled with such an incredible love story told in mostly their own words the love of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot is one that was deeply rooted in God and provided much wisdom and godliness in their example Their story caused me to personally fall in love with the One who does all things well Their fa

  • Joy

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyThis will easily be in my top 3 books of 2020 if not my number 1 As a teenager reading Elisabeth Elliot's works radically shaped the woman that I have become specifically Passion and Purity Jim and Elisabeth have been life long friends and mentors to me through her writings So to have this treasure of a book written and edited so wonderfully by their daughter is a true giftThey will al

  • Gretchen Louise

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyIn Devotedly Valerie is finishing the love story that Elisabeth told in brief in Passion and PurityInstead of feeling like snippets used for purposes of illustration Devotedly gives us a complete picture of how Jim and Elisabeth fell in love and finally married It’s not an exhaustive account of their lives together there are many books to complete that picture and in fact there are aspects of their love story that even Valerie couldn’t track down a missing period of her mother’s letters to her father left much to surmise about what he was replying to I found it interesting to refer back to Passion and Purity while reading Devotedly comparing how Elisabeth had written of a situation in retrospect with the way she recorded it in her journal as it happened Devotedly is compiled by a daughter who honors the memory of her parents while sharing honestly the details she finds in their letters and journals In many ways we see Valerie’s own uest

  • Francine Walsh

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyI was surprised to see someone chose to give this book a one star review because they were disappointed to see Jim and Elisabeth Elliot weren't after all the immaculate example they once saw in them I believe the exact same reason is why I gave this book 5 starsThis glimpse into the Elliots' personal letters and journals showed me something that strengthen my faith a young man and a young woman who were flawed and human and sinful and yet totally devoted to Jesus Isn't that much compelling to us young adults I'd rather see flawed humans who confess their sin and live for Jesus than perfect Christians to whom I could never relate and who is actually perfect if not Jesus aloneI'm so very thankful that Valerie chose to show the world who her paren

  • Sarah

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyWhy I loved this book so much1 It showed to people who placed their love and trust in Jesus above all else even when people thought they were crazy2 Valerie Shepard let us see her parents flaws Sometimes in reading what some people wrote about them it was hard to imagine anyone being so perfect or pure She let us see some of the real flaws that both of them had especially her dad yet how God still used them despite that3 It inspired me to live my life closer to God Reading too their prayers made me offer of my ownJim

  • Hallie Szott

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 Devotedly45Review to comeReading Challenge Categories Beat the Backlist Reading Bingo A genre you don't normally read Hope By the Book Reading Challenge Features missions or missionaries Read Harder Challenge An epistolary novel or collection of letters

  • Lindsay

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyThis has been an incredible glimpse into the love story of the Elliots witnessing their beautifully inspiring confidence in God’s plan for their lives and their deep seated eagerness to honor him every step of the way Through a wealth of letting writing when no other form of communication was possible we see patient waiting on God’s timing We see confident trust in God alone We see an amazing passion to spread the gospel and make a difference with their lives We see their eagerness to point each other back to Christ again and again An inspiring story A favorite uote from JimI trust that you will let nothing deceive you in the details of your going out—not common sense experience advice ambition for souls rather than adoration for Christ or any other voice than that of the living God who will not suffer His faithfulness to failAnd a uote from

  • Miranda Jordan

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 Devotedly“But hasn’t this whole story been one of watching God at work waiting on His timing allowing Him to lay the path that kept them in the center of His will” Page 279Valerie Shepard does a wonderful job relaying the love story of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot The best part is that though they are the main subject God’s providenc

  • Bambi Moore

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyBeautiful

  • Michelle Ule

    Summary ☆ Devotedly 102 DevotedlyThis engrossing book tells the courtship of noted Christian authorteacher Elisabeth Elliot and her first husband missionary Jim ElliotUsing diaries and letters their daughter takes us through 55 years in their early 20's as they sort out God's will and direction for their lives It's an inside look at two people dedicated to Jesus Christ and determined to do only what He directs them to do in His timingI'm the same age as Shepard and wrestled with some of these topics in my 20's as well Elisabeth's firm commitment to Scripture and doing what God called had an enormous impression on my own spiritual developmentForty years on these stories echo in my mind but also cause me to uestion some of this I'd love to discuss this book with others who know Elliot's work wellBiographies of the saints are written and shared for the rest of us to catch a glimpse of God through another's well trod life There's much to be learned from a book like th