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Off the CliffAt the time its creation was a long shot Before Geena Davis Susan Sarandon and a young up and coming actor named Brad Pitt got involved Thelma and Louise was just an idea in the head of Callie Khouri a thirty year old music video production manager who was fed up with working behind the scenes on sleazy sets At four am one night sitting in her car outside the ramshackle bungalow in Santa Monica that she shared with two friends she had a vision two women on a crime spree fleeing their dull and tedious lives lives like hers in search of a freedom they had never before been able to realize She knew in that moment that she had to be the one to write it But in the late s Hollywood was dominated by men both on the screen and behind the scenes The likelihood of a script by an unheard of screenwriter starring two women in lead roles actually getting made was remote But Callie had one thing going for her she had no idea she was atte.

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review ô Off the Cliff Ú ❴Reading❵ ➿ Off the Cliff Author Becky Aikman – You've always been crazy says Louise to Thelma having just outrun the police in a car chase and locked an officer in the trunk of his own car This is just the first chance you've had to express yourse You've always been crazy says Louise to ThReading Off the Cliff Author Becky Aikman You've always been crazy says Louise to Thelma having just outrun the police in a car chase and locked an officer in the trunk of his own car This is just the first chance you've had to express yourse You've always been crazy says Louise to Thelma having just outrun the police in a car chase and locked an officer in the trunk of his own car This is just the first chance you've had to express yourself In Thelma and Louise the story of two outlaw women on the run from their disenchanted lives was a revelation Suddenly for the first time here was a film in which women were in every sense behind the wheel It turned the tables on Hollywood Off the Epub / instantly becoming a classic and continues today to electrify audiences as a cultural statement of defiance But if the film's place in history now seems certain.

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Mpting the almost impossible And she pulled it off by dint of sheer hard work and some good luck when she was able to get the script into the hands of the brilliant English filmmaker Ridley Scott who saw its huge potential With Scott on board a team willing to challenge the odds came together including not only the stars Davis and Sarandon but also legends like actor Harvey Keitel composer Hans Zimmer and old school studio chief Alan Ladd Jr to create one of the most controversial movies of all time In Off the Cliff Becky Aikman tells the full extraordinary story behind this feminist sensation which crashed through barricades and upended convention Drawing on exclusive interviews with the key players from this remarkable cast of actors writers and filmmakers Aikman tells an inspiring and important underdog story about creativity the magic of cinema and the unjust obstacles that women in Hollywood continue to face to this day..

review ô Off the Cliff Author of Off the Cliff How the Making of Thelma Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge She also wrote Saturday Night Widows The Adventures of Six Friends Remaking Their Lives Becky was a journalist for Business Week and Newsday She lives in Brooklyn.

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  • Kasa Cotugno

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffOne of the joys of membership in the San Francisco Film Society was the chance to attend pre release screenings of upcoming movies We could view these films unaffected by buzz or the influence of reviewers It was in such an atmosphere that I saw Thelma and Louise in April 1991 No one knew what to expect and we were uniformly blown away Now 25 years later that film still resonates even clearly than many things I've seen recently In this well researched book Becky Aikman dissects every aspect of this groundbreaker from Callie Khouri's first thoughts through her uncompromising insistence on remaining true to her vision and her material to the choices of Ridley Scott and each cast member as well as production crew There isn't an aspect of this film that wasn't t

  • Ann-Marie

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffLove it or hate it Thelma Louise is an iconic filmPersonally I’ve always liked it I thought Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon were perfect in their roles and I loved the scenes shot in Moab Utah Never saw this as a feminist man bashing film When I first saw it I took it for what it was a movie about two women’s friendship and how they were done being used and abused by men and after a life altering girls’ night out they take to the roadI enjoyed reading Off the Cliff I thought it was pretty well done taking you behind the scenes and how this movie was made Loved finding out who were in talks for which role From Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodi Foster to Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn the roles o

  • Kelly Hager

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffI first saw Thelma Louise when I was 12 or so I remember renting it the first weekend it was available at my local Blockbuster this was back in the days when one did such things and I didn't know much about it But I liked Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon I had already seen The Fly and Bull Durham; my parents were very liberal about what I watched and I loved the movie immediately I don't think I could have articulated why then but now I realize that I love the fact that while there are guys in the movie and some of them are good or great guys and some of them are complete jerks the movie is about their friendship It was probably the first movie I had ever seen and there haven't been that many since either where the guys were in the

  • Brenden Gallagher

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffOff the Cliff is about as good a history of the making of a film as I've encountered and I read enough of them in college and just after that I feel like something of an authority on the subjectThere are two things that make this a particularly compelling take on this well worn subgenre First the research is exhaustive It feels like Becky Aikman spoke to everyone involved with Thelma and Louise and carefully considered their thoughts when she put this book together It also seems like she got extensive time with key players like Susan Sarandon and Michale Madsen which allowed her to pull through their long conversations for the juiciest uotes As someone who has worked fairly extensively in film and television I can

  • Nova Dudley-gough

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffSome of the writing is a bit schlocky and little did they know what the fates had in store tension building BUT as a history of the making of this fantastic film it's great The author has really put the time in with interviewing everyone and obviously cares about the film yet manages to remain objective about some of its issues And I agree with Roger Ebert about the end the flashback scenes weren't needed I can still remember seeing this film for the first time and the sense of jubilation I felt This book does a great jo

  • Leftjab

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffGreat read for the film inclined Presents an excellent chronicle of the process of making a movie ca 1990 from writing

  • Emilio III

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffI loved this book As a fan of the film I found the whole behind the scenes anecdotes entertaining Can you picture Jodie Foster and Cher as Thelma LouiseI've always felt that the best films are those that involve collaboration There are very few writerdirector films that hit on all notes One film that comes to mind is Risky Business In the case of Thelma Louise I would have liked to have seen what Callie Khouri might have come up with had she been the director I agree with her criticism of the over the top trucker She might also have been right about the biker rescuing the cop in the trunk But I doubt she would have had the skills needed to add the visual layers that Ridley broughtThe success of the film starts with writer Callie Khouri Author Becky Aikman didn't mention how many drafts Callie had before she started shopping it I k

  • Richard

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffI wasn't sure if I should rewatch Thelma Louise before reading this book or after I opted for before and then surprised myself by deciding to watch it aga

  • B.

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffI received an ARC of Off the Cliff a few weeks ago and finally got around to reading it I must have read close to twenty books between the time I received this one in the mail before I actually picked this one up and decided that I was going to sit down and read it one way or another Love it or hate it it was time to get it out of my TBR pileI must admit I was hesitant at first primarily because it's about the making of Thelma and Louise and I'd barely heard of the movie certainly never watched it before The book surprised me though I was hooked from the start The writing was engaging the details were intriguing and the story flowedThe book talks about the process of movie making framed a

  • Michelle Arredondo

    review ô Off the Cliff Off the CliffYou wanna a uirky book that you don't expect to enjoy so much This one right here A work of non fictionculture and filmOff The Cliff How The Making Of Thelma Louise Drove Hollywood To The Edge is a book that I was hesitate but very curious about I fully expected to get the book and then have it in my TBR pile for months and months contemplating reading and never actually doing so Not soOf course I wanted the book because I am a fan of the film Thelma Louise is referenced in almost everything When someone is referring to friendships the term We are totally a Thelma Louise is used often in those terms or something like it Pop culture books are always a YES PLEASE for me Perfect summer reading perfect vacation reading perfect light readsthis book is no exception It was such a pleasure to read Behind the scenes