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CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Deceiver Author Frederick Forsyth – As an intrepid and inventive field agent McCready's independent style has often driven him beyond the rules He has not been afraid to press the CIA to the explosion point or to play cat and mouse with As an intrepid and inventive field agent McCready[PDF / Epub] The Deceiver Author Frederick Forsyth As an intrepid and inventive field agent McCready's independent style has often driven him beyond the rules He has not been afraid to press the CIA to the explosion point or to play cat and mouse with As an intrepid and inventive.

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Fidel Castor and the Colombian drug tradeBut times have changed and mavericks like McCready are an endangered species Now before a panel of his peers McCready must defend his unorthodox exploits or face dismissal What hangs in the balance is not only his own career but the very future of British intelligence.

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The DeceiverField agent McCready's independent style has often driven him beyond the rules He has not been afraid to press the CIA to the explosion point or to play cat and mouse with the KGB He has successfully tricked addafi and the IRA and once even set himself up as governor of a remote Caribbean island torn between.

CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 Frederick Forsyth CBE is an English author and occasional political commentator He is best known for thrillers such as The Day of the Jackal The Odessa File The Fourth Protocol The Dogs of War The Devil's Alternative The Fist of God Icon The Veteran Avenger The Afghan and recently The Cobra and The Kill ListThe son of a furrier he was born in Ashford Kent educated at Tonbridge Scho.

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  • Stefan

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverThe Deceiver was a interesting gripping exciting rational readable read that felt realistic and possible The main character was described as a complicated flawed and experienced intelligence agent The four stories included in the book could all be read pretty much separately from one another as the book is not really a novel but a collection of short stories This is definitely one of my favorite thriller reads Recommended

  • Bill Wilson

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverSometimes you just realize when you are in the hands of someone who really knows what they're doing I have tried a number of spy and suspense authors with varying results but picking this book up at the library recently and reading it reminded me what it's like to be entertained by a master Day of the Jackal was terrific and this book while low key nevertheless satisfied the reasons you read spy novels Unfolding as a retrospective of a spy's career told in the context of an internal administrative hearing it stitched together several very good stories with the protagonist as the common thread Ranging from byzantine puzzles of spy vs spy defections to a lighter final tale of a colonial governor's mysterious murder each of the s

  • Gary

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverThis novel is divided into four stories each involving British super sleuth Sam McCready and his operations during the last years of the Cold WarFrom London to Berlin and Washington DC to the Mediterranean to the Caribbean we are exposed to the inner working of the British Secret Services which seems to be Forsyth's field of specialtyWherever we go action and intrigue follow usAnd we get to meet villains as diverse as East German STASI Secret Police IRA terrorists Libyan Mukhabbarat Gadaffi's brutal Gestapo like secret police and Caribbean gangstersMcCready is not the only hero in the bookmuch of it focuses on the work of other characters like the tragic end of a West German secret serviceman and a former SAS man turned rec

  • Amit

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverA brilliant novel with a beautiful ending Forsyth shows how it should be done A great tribute to people like Sam McCready who spent their lives in the shadows to ensure that the people in the light were never harmed A highly recommended read

  • Virginia Tican

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverRevisiting one of my old reliable authors by way of the Reader's Digest Condensed Books RDCB I chanced on this one during a power outage while the monsoon is raging outside Where do old spies go given their unusual abilities and special skills This is the subject matter of this thriller Samuel McCready is The Deceiver whose relevance and usefulness has apparently been deemed ineffective by the powers that be in Whitehall's narrow corridors McCready being part of the wrong side of the invisible timeline BC Before Computers as opposed to AC Age of Computers There are 4 short stories related by Sam's counsel in his effort to convince the firing committee to reconsider giving him another job option aside from the other 3 lame choices being offered The action is as fast and thrilling as only Forsyth can manage with all the impact and thoughtprovoking as well as hilarious moments that can be found in his prose Frederick Forsyth never disappoints

  • Arun Divakar

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverThe protagonist Sam McCready is an unconventional one Details are sketchy as I read this a few years back I do remember three separate plot lines being laid bare before a committee for one man's defense Worth a read for the Cold War espionage plays

  • Spybrary Podcast Podcast

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverLove these short espionage stories crafter by master spy storyteller Frederick Forsyth Once you have read the book check out the DVD Frederick Forsyth Presents which are made for TV movie adaptations Very '90s but worth a go Wish Freddy had written an entire novel with Sam McCready

  • stan

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverI have just read this novel I missed it first time around This is one of the masters of spy fiction What an amazing book I just loved it

  • Angela

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The DeceiverFrederick Forsyth novels were a familiar fixture in our household when I was growing up as both my parents loved his work He was amongst the first ‘adult’ reads that I was drawn to at the time So my love affair with his books began and over the years I have read everything he’s written keeping up with any new releases As my mother has been in and out of hospital uite a lot over the past year and a half I am keeping her supplied with books to read

  • Roberto

    CHARACTERS The Deceiver 107 The Deceiver “Right Mr Jones Let us go” said McCready “We must be about the ueen’s business” The end of the Cold War misguided some political decisions of the British intelligence community putting agent Sam McCready the head of the Deception Disinformation and Psychological Operations departmentin in the verge of an undeserved and somewhat premature retirement A younger agent tries to revert this situation by narrating in an audience a compilation of the highlights of his career as a SIS agentThe book works very well telling the escalation of the Cold War through the feats of agent McCready and showing that in the Spy business rarely is there a happy ending