FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium ↠ ❴Read❵ ➲ Incendium Author A.D. Swanston – Summer 1572 and England is vulnerable Fear of plague and insurrection taint the air and heresy fanaticism and religious unrest seethe beneath the surface of society Rumour and mistrust lead to impriso Summer and England is vulnerable Fear ofRead Incendium Author A.D. Swanston Summer 1572 and England is vulnerable Fear of plague and insurrection taint the air and heresy fanaticism and religious unrest seethe beneath the surface of society Rumour and mistrust lead to impriso Summer and England is vulnerable Fear of plague and insurrection taint the air and heresy fanaticism and religious unrest seethe beneath the surface of society Rumour and mistrust lead to imprisonment torture and sometimes murder To the young lawyer Christopher Radclif.


F and his patron and employer Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester the prospects for peace are grave and as Leicester's chief intelligencer he is charged with investigating both the rumours of rebellion at home and invasion from abroad But Radcliff's own life is far from orderly His relationship with the widow Katherine Allingham is somewhat turbulent and the cut throat world of court politics leaves no room for indiscretions That the ueen's own cousin the Duke of Norfolk is found guilty of treason it is a sign of just how deep the dissent goes Jesuit pri.


IncendiumEsts have been sent to England in order to foment revolt but the threat of a Catholic uprising comes not just from within Across the channel France is caught up in a frenzy of brutal religious persecution and England's other enemy of old Spain is making preparations to invade England is a powder keg just waiting for a spark to ignite it and then Christopher Radcliff hears word of a plot that could provide that spark The word is 'Incendium' but what does it mean and who lies behind it Suddenly Christopher Radcliff is caught up in a race against time..

FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium Andrew SwanstonAndrew Swanston read Law at Cambridge University and held various positions in the book trade including being a director of Waterstone Co and chairman of Methven’s plc before turning to writing Inspired by a lifelong interest in seventeenth century history his ‘Thomas Hill’ novels are set during the English Civil Wars and the early period of the Restoration He lives with his wife in Surrey near to their three children and two grandchildren His interests include golf gardening and drawing.

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  • Adina

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium Incendium35 rounded up because I want to see from this series Incendium is a historical spy fiction set during the reign of Elisabeth I Christopher Radcliff a former law professor is employed by Earl of Leicester a close adviser to the ueen as chief intelligencer His job is to keep the Earl informed regarding potentials plots against the Crown Dr Radcliff engages the help of a series of interesting agents who listen around and report if they hear any interesting whispers The novel begins with the brutal murder of one of the lawyer’s agents and his wife In the same time Dr Radcliff is sent to France by the Earl in order to receive an important message from the English ambassador in Paris just in time to assist to one of the most horrible mass murders in History the Massacre of St Bartholomew Day The two events slowly slowly come together and a new plot to kill the ueen has to be discovered and crushed The historical informatio

  • Paromjit

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumAD Swanson knows his Elizabethan history as he illustrates in this piece of historical fiction of 1572 the first in the Dr Christopher Radcliff series set in stinking poverty ridden London although there is a harrowing picture of Paris with its out of control terror butchery and massacre of Huguenots Radcliff is a Law Professor no longer able to work in Cambridge and now is Robert Dudley's Earl of Leicester chief spy and intelligence gatherer of plots and conspiracies aimed at removing Elizabeth replacing her with Mary ueen of Scots and restoring Catholicism as the faith of England We see how close to Elizabeth the

  • Annet

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium Incendium The guards came that night Christopher was roused and told to dress Where am I to be taken he asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes The tower replied one of the guards The Earl of Leicester has commanded it Christopher swore Had the earl changed his mind again They travelled by barge to the Tower stairs Christopher huddled into his cloak against the night cold To their left glimmers of light from watchmen's lanterns flickered in the blackness; to their right the marshes and meadows were black as pitch At night the river was a strange ghostly place and especially under London Bridge where the currents sucked and swirled a place of dangerGreat historical mysterycrime book Makes me think of CJ Sansom Matthew Shardlake and SJ Parris Giordano Bruno Here's another historical hero to add to the list academic lawyer and intelligencer Dr Christopher Radcliff Recommended for those who like a good entertaining history book atmospheric entertaining interesting It is th

  • Blodeuedd Finland

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumI have said it before but historical mysteries really fit me They have to work so hard to find anything in a good wayIn this one Radcliffe a lawyer works for the Earl of Leicester And there is a plot afoot Does someone want to kill the ueen Who can be trusted Tensions between Catholics and the rest are rising France

  • Kate

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumSuch a fantastic start to AD Swanston's new series Incendium focuses on the very real danger Elizabeth I faced personally in the wake of France's St Bartholomew's Eve massacre A brilliant historical thriller

  • Karen ⊰✿

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumIn London 1572 lawyer Dr Christopher Radcliff is given the task by the Earl of Leicester to find out about a plot to kill ueen Elizabeth and restore the Catholic ueen MaryWe follow Christopher from London to Paris and back again as he chases down fragments of a plot the only thing of which he is sure of is that it is named Incendium The ueen and the Earl are unforgiving and so Christopher knows he must succeed not just to save the ueen but to also save himself and those close to him from the TowerDuring Elizabethan England violence was commonplace and this book has a few suirmish scenes but nothing too graphic We do get a great sense of the time period though and what we can imagine were the sights and smells of 16th Century life in a big city The plot was well paced and the characters developed well I would recommend this to fans of Historical Fiction who also like a bit of mysterysuspenseThanks to the publisher and NetGalley for p

  • Ted Farrell

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumThis is an excellent story of intrigue and espionage in Elizabethan England The characters are well drawn and the background London in the late sixteenth century is both plausible and interesting The historical context the enmity between Catholic France and Spain on the one hand and Protestant England on the other is recounted almost effortlessly without re

  • AdiTurbo

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumTerrible I was so looking forward to reading it and it disappointed me to no end The historical background is sound but nothing is happening I'm 10% and they're still at the office the main character entered on the first page There is telling and telling and telling no kind of action to help us understand who these people are and what their personalities are like I hoped for than this some emotion some suspense maybe some less known historical details but none of those were there uitting out of deep boredom

  • Ellyreynolds

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumAnother good read

  • Karen Keane

    FREE DOWNLOAD Ö Incendium IncendiumMurder mystery and spies in Elizabethan England the main players of the time such as the Earl of Leicester and Sir Francis Walsingham all have major