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VietnamEazy Download È 108 ↠ [Epub] ➜ VietnamEazy Author Trami Nguyen Cron – Like Viet Thanh Nguyen’s acclaimed The Sympathizer VietnamEazy captures with startling honesty and detail the dizzying dislocation that so many Vietnamese arrivals in the United States have experien Like Viet Thanh Nguyen’s acclaimed The Sympath[Epub] VietnamEazy Author Trami Nguyen Cron Like Viet Thanh Nguyen’s acclaimed The Sympathizer VietnamEazy captures with startling honesty and detail the dizzying dislocation that so many Vietnamese arrivals in the United States have experien Like Viet Thanh Nguyen’s acclaimed The Sympathizer VietnamEazy captures with startling honesty and detail the dizzying dislocation that so many Vietnamese arrivals in the United States have experienced and like Amy Tan’s The Joy Luck Club explores the age old mysteries of the mother daughter relationship It tells the story of Kieu a Vietnamese American woman and her uest for success on a TV cooking show introdu.

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G program 'Sliced and Diced' famously cutthroat and competitive she embarks on a journey of personal discovery that will take her in surprising new directions leaving her in the end with no easy answers but a deeper sense of connection to her mother and grandmother and to the land of her birth Along the way Cron a gifted cook brings alive the delectable flavors and textures of Vietnamese food Each of the eight chapters starts with a recipe which the story of the chapter then evokes in vivid unforgettable detail and together the eight recipes of the book add up to an entire feast literally an epic meal much like that served to Vietnamese Emperors and also figuratively a feast of story tellin.

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VietnamEazyCing the intoxicating allure of Vietnamese food to a general audience interwoven with the haunting sorrowful tale of her family and upbringing This is a universal tale of redemption that mothers and daughters can read together and discuss preferably over a steaming bowl of phoKieu is an every woman trying to navigate challenges that plague so many of us — a difficult mother who shows her love in all the wrong ways a mix of insecurity and uneasy pride when it comes to her passion in life bringing traditional Vietnamese cooking to the US with the twist of doing so with simple recipes featuring ingredients easy to find When to her astonishment she is chosen to compete in the reality TV cookin.

VietnamEazy Download È 108 Trami Nguyen Cron was born in Saigon Vietnam and when she was eight years old left Vietnam with her family for France Three years later they settled in the United StatesTrami a longtime resident of Northern California is the founder of Chopsticks Alley an international foodie group promoting restaurants and hosting events for members while raising funds to support homeless kids in the Sili.

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  • Carol N

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyI just finished reading this charmingly written novel that looks at the Vietnamese culture a family’s idiosyncrasies and of course the importance of foodcooking to the Vietnamese culture In this book the author conveys how the lives of three generations of women are intertwined as each attempts to adapt to the challenges between their two worlds It explores the age old my

  • Abby

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyI love me a cheesy book sadly there was no real cheese in this book

  • Ngoc

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyI really loved all of the family history phrases in Vietnamese explanations of cultural differences and mannerisms and women's role and expectations in Vietnam Kieu's relationship with he

  • oshizu

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyEvery chapter of this #ownvoices novel opens with a recipe for a Vietnamese dish then alternates between 1 flashbacks of the fictional protagonist's childhood in Vietnam flight to France and later years in the US and 2 her participation in an episode of a reality TV cooking competition

  • Danny Knobler

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyuick fun read from a new author whogives insight into both Vietnamese culture and the Vietnamese immigrant experience She even includes a few recipes

  • ren

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyI feel somewhat guilty giving this book two stars I probably would've given it a better rating if it were categorized as a memoir perhaps something akin to Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior which would make up for the stories within a story format that has been hectically executed To me the stories about the women in Kieu's life are interesting and to an extent informative with regards to Vietnamese culture but to whom she's telling these stories is a bit unclear to me Sure it's dedicated to her family but if her intended audience is the Vietnamese community the detailed explanations about Vietnamese customs seemed a bit redundant If her intended audience is Vietnamese immigrants andor Western readers who don't know much about Vietnamese culture then I fail to see what she's trying to accomplish She presents not only too intricate details about the recipes featured but also stories after stories loaded with new information both culturally and linguistically tied together th

  • Susan Swanson

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyThis book confused me Somehow I went into it thinking it was a memoir You can hardly blame me It's structured like a memoir It reads like a memoir with a mixture of reminiscences and family stories in the context of a modern plot line There are what look like family photos at the beginnings of chapters I was at least half way through when I realized that there were no captions under the family photos These were not photos of the characters in the book Then I went back and looked at the title again A novel about It's right there in the title This was not a memoir but in fact a work of fiction Sigh So what did I think about it as a novel I

  • Julia

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyAlthough I enjoyed learning a bit about the food and culture of Vietnam in this novel by Trami Nguyen Cron overall I didn't like the book much The story is about a Vietnamese American woman who has entered a reality television cooking contest in hopes of hosting her own cooking show This part of the story is the backdrop to learning about her family history in Vietnam after the war The book also attempts to make this a mother daughter story but it falls short of being believable In explaining about the culture she comes from Kieu the protagonist provides examples of her mother's critical nature Kieu compl

  • Eric Dye

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyThis was a fun book to read as casual reading over the holidays The descriptions of VietnameseFood were really good and some of the reality TV stuff was fun Though I’m not sure I love the memoir style done as a novel I kind of kept wanting it to be real but then had to remind myself it wasn’t But overall it was a fun read

  • Holly

    VietnamEazy Download È 108 VietnamEazyHer parenting might have violated every rule in the book by contemporary Western standards yet she had done what she could with all the heart and soul she could muster and she had helped prepare me for my extraordinary life