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uality Management with SAPTo master data of other components that must also be available in the system The master data that you set up in finds its actual and practical application in Chapter which is on uality Inspection along with several optimization and uick tips to improve and expedite your business processes This chapter also covers a relatively newer functionality known as Multiple Specification to cater to the business needs of process industryIn Part of this book we move forward with covering uality Management Integration with Logistics components Chapter covers M integration with Materials Management MM component that is M integration with procurement and inventory management sub processes of MM component This chapter also covers a specific section that caters to business scenario when companies are embarking on implementing M component for the first time Chapter is on M integration with Production Planning PP component and covers not just the covers M integration in process manufacturing PP PI but also discrete and repetitive manufacturing PP PI extensively uses batch management functionality hence this chapter accordingly accords due coverageChapter is on M integration with Sales and Distribution SD and shows the controls that the system offers before the company delivers goods to the customer If there is any customer specific uality inspection that the company needs to ensure then this chapter covers itThe focus of Chapter is on M integration with Plant Maintenance PM component vis à vis Test Euipment Management Test euipment management attends to calibration of laboratory and other test euipment that the company needs to ensure so that test results of vendor procured materials or company’s in house produced products are reliable and accurate Chapter focuses on optimizing your M component in Logistics components This chapter delves into four important areas namely Dynamic Modification Rule DMR Recurring Inspection Active Ingredient Management and Batch Derivation Part of this book is on uality Management Workflow Tools Chapter is on Sample Management that offers far in depth and comprehensive solutions and controls on how the company manages product samples be it a competitor’s product’s sample vendor’s sample Chapter covers incoming and outgoing uality Certificates Incoming certificates corresponds to procurement process while outgoing certificate finds greater application in sales process In Chapter you’ll see how uality Notification can bring out organizational improvements and how you can extensively integrate it in important business processes Chapter covers uality Costs so that you can keep track of and reduce costs associated with inspecting products reducing or eliminating defects and introducing products and processes improvements Chapter covers the versatile and dynamic functionality of the Classification system which is cross modular and finds several applications not just in the.

Free download uality Management with SAP

Free download ☆ uality Management with SAP è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ ❆ [KINDLE] ✿ uality Management with SAP By Jawad Akhtar ➟ – Link to the M title to Free Reading Sample book has taken a deep dive approach to provide in depth and comprehensi[KINDLE] uality Management with SAP By Jawad Akhtar Link to the M title to Free Reading Sample book has taken a deep dive approach to provide in depth and comprehensive coverage to just about all the business processes in which you can or want to integ Link to the M title to Free Reading Sample book has taken a deep dive approach to provide in depth and comprehensive coverage to just about all the business processes in which you can or want to integrate M It begins with covering the enterprise structure of other components whose understanding is important for you to run M business processes and which also reflects the inter dependencies of other components’ enterprise structures The configuration undertaken is then put to actual use to show you the impact of the configuration on the business processes uality Management Epub / The connecting point here is that a business process must be comprehensively understood first before proceeding to model and configure it in the SAP ERP system Two chapters namely uality Planning and uality Inspection are devoted to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the concepts basics and fundamentals that forms the backbone of M The book then transitions to cover M integration with MM PP SD and PM components of SAP ERP system and also explains how to optimize your business processes by using several latent features that are often not as freuently used to bring about business processes improvements This book moves toward conclusion by covering the uality evaluation uality monitoring and reporting capabilities including the flexibility to create self defined ueries Finally the book concludes by covering how you can use M component to continue to improve or incorporate business processes improvements by implementing or integrating your company’s internal or external audits stability study and FMEA and control plan In summary we structure the book along the following linesIn Part of this book we cover uality Management Core Concepts In Chapter we cover the real life business processes and how you can map them in SAP ERP system Chapter is on the enterprise structure that you’ll need to ensure is available in the system and which completely depends on the enterprise structures of other components The enterprise structure forms the backbone of the SAP ERP system that helps in mapping the important business processes of the company Eventually reporting also takes important elements from the enterprise structure Your understanding of enterprise structures and even master data is crucial to implement M component Chapter covers the basics of uality Planning and includes the important M master data that you need to setup as a one time activity to get your business processes up and running Since M component heavily integrates with other components therefore this chapter accords due coverage.

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M component but also in other Logistics components Chapter shows how you can leverage Engineering Change Management ECM to bring better control and visibility to your master data creation processes or the changes made to already created master data not just in the M component but also in other Logistics components Chapter shows you the benefits of implementing the digital signature functionality in your business processes to eliminate or reduce the manual signature and approval process Digital signature is also cross modular Chapter is a dedicated chapter on the Document Management System DMS to reflect upon the importance of having a plethora of a company’s digital assets in a secure environment that is also easily accessible when needed DMS is also a cross modular component and you can implement it not just in the M component but in other Logistics components Part is about Monitoring Evaluation and Controls in M In Chapter you’ll learn how to uickly set up alerts in your SAP ERP system with the Early Warning System EWS to closely monitor important deviations to your business processes and take uick decisions and actions You can also set up EWS in other Logistics functions if needed In Chapter you’ll learn the features functionalities menu paths navigation tools and many options available to run a large number of standard reports available in SAP ERP system The concepts that you’ll develop here will enable you to expand your knowledge horizon to explore standard reports available in other Logistics components In this chapter we also cover how you can uickly create your own reports by using the SAP uery tools Chapter is on uality Control and covers three important areas namely Vendor Evaluation uality Scores and Statistical Process Control SPC The last part Part is all about Continuous Business Processes Improvements with M component Chapter covers how you can map and manage various types of internal and external audits using Audit Management with SAP ERP Chapter on Stability Study you’ll find step by step instructions guidance on the configuration master data and business processes of Stability Study and how several other SAP ERP components integrate with it Finally in Chapter is on Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA and Control Plan which while prevalent in the automobile industry can be easily and uickly put to use in other products and processes improvementsThe book also contains the following AppendicesAppendix A – Movement Types mapping with Inspection Types and Inspection Lot OriginsAppendix B – Important M TablesAppendix C – Important M User ExitsThe book also contains a Glossary of some of the important terms used in M and a list of Abbreviations used in this bookWhile this book is certainly a significant expansion to the areas and functionalities that the M component offers we do not cover the following Environment Health and Safety EHS Variant configuratio.

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