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HausfrauIrties lives with her Swiss husband Bruno—a banker—and their three young children in a postcard perfect suburb of Zürich Though she leads a comfortable well appointed life Anna is falling apart inside Adrift and increasingly unable to connect with the emotionally unavailable Bruno or even with her own thoughts and feelings Anna tries to rouse herself with new experiences German language classes Jungian analysis and a series of sexual affairs she enters with an ease that surprises even her But Anna can't easily extract herself from these affairs When she wants to end them she finds it's difficult Tensions escalate and her lies start to spin o

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[EPUB] ✰ Hausfrau ✶ Jill Alexander Essbaum – For readers of Claire Messud and Mary Gaitskill comes a striking debut novel of marriage fidelity sex and morality featuring a fascinating heroine who struggles to live a life with meaning HausfrauhauEPUB Hausfrau Jill Alexander Essbaum Citybellscouk For readers of Claire Messud and Mary Gaitskill comes a striking debut novel of marriage fidelity sex and morality featuring a fascinating heroine who struggles to live a life with meaning Hausfrauhau For readers of Claire Messud and Mary Gaitskill comes a striking debut novel of marriage fidelity sex and morality featuring a fascinating heroine who struggles to live a life with meaning Hausfrauhaus·frau aus frau n Origin GermanHousewife homemaker A married woman A novel by Jill Alexander Essbaum Anna was a good wife mostly Anna Benz an American in her late th

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Ut of control Having crossed a moral threshold Anna will discover where a woman goes when there is no going back Intimate intense and written with the precision of a Swiss Army knife Jill Alexander Essbaum's debut novel is an unforgettable story of marriage fidelity sex morality and most especially self Navigating the lines between lust and love guilt and shame excuses and reasons Anna Benz is an electrifying heroine whose passions and choices readers will debate with recognition and fury Her story reveals with honesty and great beauty how we create ourselves and how we lose ourselves and the sometimes disastrous choices we make to find ourselves

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  • Warwick

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauA well written novel about a depressive narcissistic American expat in Zurich which I can't say I really enjoyed It has been compared to Madame Bovary or Anna Karenina presumably because the central character also an Anna feels trapped in an unfulfilling marriage and because it is obviously building to a grand tragic climax But to me the voice is positioned in a much consciously American tradition; actually Anna reminds me of no one so much as Esther Greenwood from The Bell Jar which like Hausfrau is also a poet's first novelIn a weird way Hausfrau made me uite keen to read Essbau

  • Idarah

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells Hausfrau“Love is a fire But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house you can never tell” – Joan CrawfordThe last sentence of this book is still ringing in my head I cannot tell you what a delight and challenge it was to read It’s no surprise that Essbaum is first a poet second a novelist This book was gripping extremely sensual raw and biting and incredibly sad That being said it’s probably one of the best books I’ve read in a long timeOutwardly Anna seems like a perfect American expat wife in Switzerland She loves her husband three children and being a homemaker or hausfrau Inwardly Anna has many many secrets Essbaum ingeniously weaves Anna’s psychoanalysis sessions with her psychiatrist her German language classes and her daily excursions to enter Anna’s mind and inner world Both her mental clarity and lack of conscien

  • Debbie

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauThe book had me at the first line “Anna was a good wife mostly” Anna a complicated woman with a secret life is in a constant state of longing shame and self loathing She is unfaithful to her husband but faithful to her soul searching But who wants to keep reading a book about an unfaithful wife who feels shitty? I wanted to keep reading because of how well drawn Anna is because of the art that Essbaum uses to develop her because of the way Essbaum beckoned me to enter Anna’s head and help her sort it all out Search for the elusive hope My only and I do mean only complaint is that there are too many map details After all I

  • Carmen

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells Hausfrau It's thrilling isn't it?Yes Anna thought Adultery's a blastIt wasn't until page 292 of this 320 page book that I realized that this was view spoilera retelling of Anna Karenina hide spoiler

  • Debbie "DJ"

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauOh dear lord it's time to review Hausfrau Hmmm Well? Okay I'm off I always appreciate good writing and it was superb here Also I love being inside a characters head and thoughts also great here Just a few problems While the main character Anna has moved away from the states to Switzerland to get married? I don't hear too much about love although maybe a little in her flashbacks to the beginning After that I felt all the interruptions and talk of Switzerland a bit clunky They felt dropped into the story to show how much she hated life here to explain of why she is so unhappy And oh man is she unhappy We get passages from her psychiatrist throughout and I actually felt those flowed and progressed the story along uite nicely I guess the whole thing just didn't ring true for me Really? This woman sleeps with one man aft

  • Robin

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauSex Adulterous sex Adulterous sex in Europe Adulterous sex in Europe by an unlikable expat playing the role of mother and wife at homeDoesn't it sound grand? I mean maybe not grand but interesting at least I confess I have a fascination with books that deal with relationships and monogamy and all the complexities therein That's why I read John Updike who had what one might call an unhealthy obsession with adultery its trappings and its failings That's why I picked up this book too So Hausfrau did not offend my sensibilities when the main character Anna ventured outside her marriage over and over With a stranger who she didn’t care for With a man she fell in love with on first sight With a friend of her husband’s It’s not her behaviour that put me off this book I’m a big girl I can handle a decent amount of smut without getting all Victorian Plus I love to love unlikable characters No it was something elseThis is Essbaum’s debut and there’s

  • Michael

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauI enjoyed this a lot On the surface it appears to be a simple tale of a bored housewife seeking the excitement and attentions of extramarital affair

  • Kelly

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauI’m pretty sure that I didn’t like this I’m giving it a note of uncertainty mostly because it is possible that maybe I also did It depends on whether it's about what I think it's about I hope I'm wrong so many people liked this Let’s find out shall we?So if I’m right this is the story of Anna the housewife She lives in Zurich with her banker husband and three children She is natively American but followed her husband when he returned home after he told her “I think I want to marry you You seem like you would make a good wife to me” She’s been there seven years and is only now beginning to speak the language on her husband’s insistenceAnd you know what happens next from a plot perspective is pretty much what you’d expect from the tale of a bored housewife Particularly when she is in Europe and you can assign the word “ennui” or

  • Caroline

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauNO SPOILERSNo doubt about it Jill Alexander Essbaum took a risk with Hausfrau The protagonist is a 37 year old woman who engages in a series of affairs; as unlikable main characters go the titular hausfrau housewife Anna is up there Some initial buzz dubbed Hausfrau something along the lines of Madame Bovary meets Fifty Shades of Grey but unfortunately readers looking for a true cross between these will need to keep searching What’s here is depressing at the same time it’s hyper sexual poorly characterized at the same time it’s overburdened

  • Dianne

    Free Hausfrau kindle ☆ eBook Hardcover ✓ citybells HausfrauI have a dirty little confession I am drawn to flawed and unlikeable protagonists especially women They absolutely fascinate meAnna Benz is one of those women From the deceptively simple and innocuous book title and cover comes a complicated tale of a deeply unhappy woman who is a curious mix of apathy and passion passivity and impulsiveness self destructiveness and self preservation She alternates between startling insightful observations about herself and her situation and an incredible denseness To some degree we are all a mass of contradictions but Anna takes it to extremes Anna has been unhappy and feeling unsettled in her own skin since she was a child but we have no idea why She marries and comes to live in Switzerland which she alternately loathes and admires She feels isolated and throws herself into a series of affairs in a desperate attempt to feel something anything but her pathology is so ac