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Blood RedErg pulls off something you don’t even see attempted very often much less accomplished He infuses a post apocalyptic tale with a sustained sense of genuine mystery; of having no idea what’s happening to the world and the people around you or why Even when you think it may be solved no it isn't The endgame and the surreal nightmare has only just begun”—Brian Hodge author of Whom the Gods Would Destroy and Dark Advent “Highest praise for Jason Bovberg Blood Red is a harrowing tale assuredly set forth The pacing is relentless and inexorable the details vivid and chilling as Rachel and her fellow survivors balance staying alive with a race to figure out how to counter the horrors advancing upon them Guaranteed to creep you out”—Robert Devereaux author of Deadweight and Santa Steps Out“You've been to the end of the world before but never uite like this Jason Bovberg has managed the difficult trick of making the zombie apocalypse scary and unpredictable again combining fresh ideas with well realized characters and a fast moving suspenseful plot to create a memorable horror novel”—Richard Lee Byers author of Blind God’s Bluff and The Reaver The Sundering Book IV“Take a little bit of The Stand add a dash of The Passage throw in some Dawn of the Dead and top it off with John Carpenter’s The Thing—then throw all that out the window because Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced Every time I thought I knew where the story was heading Bovberg proved me dead wrong Well written with an exuisite pace and populated with believable characters Blood Red is deliciously creepy and completely riveting It starts as a slow burn freak out and culminates in a series of horror show set pieces that will forever be etched in my mind three words the pregnant thing This book

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[Read] ➪ Blood Red Author Jason Bovberg – Citybells.co.uk The end of humanity will come from within Rachel is 19 She doesn’t know how to handle her new stepmother let alone the end of the world But after finding her stepmother dead Rachel is suddenly racinRead Blood Red Author Jason Bovberg Citybellscouk The end of humanity will come from within Rachel is 19 She doesn’t know how to handle her new stepmother let alone the end of the world But after finding her stepmother dead Rachel is suddenly racin The end of humanity will come from within Rachel is She doesn’t know how to handle her new stepmother let alone the end of the world But after finding her stepmother dead Rachel is suddenly racing against time—and terrifying unnatural forces—to survive a gruesome apocalyptic event Outside her door the college town of Fort Collins Colorado is filled with corpses and something unfathomable is happening to those bodies And it’s only just begunAs Rachel struggles to comprehend her horrible new reality she’ll need to find answers to uestions she never thought she’d ask—all while desperately searching for her lost father on whom she pins all her hopes for coming out of this phenomenon alive and intactBut nothing will be as it seems PRAISE “An epic addition to the genre Blood Red brings apocalyptic literature home to the suburbs Ranging from the gritty to the surreal the story delivers a nonstop real time experience of the End Times—replete with visceral terror buckets of gore and ultimately a redemptive humanity As touching as it is anguishing Bovberg’s novel gives us a new and deeply compelling perspective on the collapse of the modern world” —Alden Bell author of The Reapers Are the Angels and Exit Kingdom“ Blood Red occupies a post apocalyptic landscape that both excites and terrifies This book gets seriously under your skin Jason Bovberg proves he’s got the goods with a whole new kind of horror novel”—Tom Piccirilli author of The Last Whisper in the Dark and The Last Kind Words“With Blood Red Jason Bovb

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Made my skin crawl”—Grant Jerkins author of A Very Simple Crime and The Ninth Step“ Blood Red is a tour de fucked up Bovberg fuses an unrelenting mystery with the kind of horror only a child experiences from branches scraping against the window A must read for anyone who has ever slept with a night light”—Peter Stenson author of Fiend“Do you like stories about body snatchers? Strange atmospheric phenomena? Reanimated bodies shambling zombie like in search of prey? Heck yeah Who doesn’t especially when those tales are set in a uiet Colorado town? Newcomer Jason Bovberg dishes up just such a classic in Blood Red and even better he closes the tale in true Frederic Brown style by showing you that in fact things are MUCH CREEPIER THAN YOU IMAGINED”—Mark Minasi bestselling author and tech journalist“With Blood Red Jason Bovberg serves up a fresh grisly take on apocalyptic horror fiction complete with a plucky young heroine strangely glowing orbs of goo and enough gloppy gore and steaming viscera to please the most blood thirsty of readers I was eagerly turning the pages to reach the Where the hell did that come from? conclusion ”—Jeff James author of Totally Unauthorized X COM Terror from the Deep The Ultimate Guide to Alien Destruction“ Blood Red will freak you out with its gripping narrative and terrifying action Jason Bovberg has come up with a blood curdling tale of the reanimated dead a fascinating apocalyptic story told from the perspective of a smart and fierce heroine The way the bodies move around still gives me the creeps”—Ted Hill author of Sudden Independents“Strap in tight Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is a terrifyingly entertaining rollercoaster with twists and turns than a sack full of snakes You won’t soon forget it” —Thomas Wolfenden author of One Man's Island

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  • Frank Errington

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedReview copyI'm always hesitant to read a book from someone who reaches out to me reuesting a review particularly if I've not read any of the author's previous work However if I say no then I would miss out on surprises like Blood RedThe story features a strong teenager named Rachel who in the space of an hour sees her entire world become a red tinted nightmare Most of the people in her world are gone well not completely gone they seem to be becoming something else No this is not another zombie novel What is happening is decidedly different and completely original in the horror genreBlood Red is filled with little treats details that make the story Example wit

  • Dan Herrick

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedThis is not a zombie novel It's something Don't get me wrong I like a well written zombie novel Blood Red is a riveting apocalyptic horror novel which will appeal highly to fans of the zombie genre There are shambling beasts who were once men and zombies is an easy assumption to fall into when you start out with this book but it becomes clear that there is to

  • Silver Thistle

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedWell now here's an interesting one End of the World? Yes Zombies? No Plague? Not really Aliens? Hmmm might be Maybe? Possibly? It's not obvious what caused The End but the story kicks off right at the point of things turning nasty and we're off and running from the get go This is uite a tough one to review because most of what I want to say is likely to be riddled with sp

  • Patrick D&

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedBlood Red introduces us to Rachel a 19 year old college student living with her father and step mom Waking up one morning she finds her step mother passed out on her bed with some sort of red glow emanating from inside her skull For all intents and purposes she appears to be dead though her skin feels strange and when Rachel gets near the source of the red glow it burns her Racing across the street she discovers much the same thing has happened to her boyfriend and his mother There are other corpses out on the street it is as if their lives were all snuffed out in the same instant replaced by the strange red glow Realizing her father is not home Rachel takes off on a hunt for him hoping and praying that he is somehow still alive Her journey leads her to other survivors like herself confused frightened and many gruesomely injured a

  • Robert Beveridge

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedJason Bovberg Blood Red Permuted Press 2014full disclosure a copy of this book was provided to me free of charge by the authorI could tell you that I stayed up well past my bedtime the first night I dug into Blood Red the first book in Jason Bovberg's trilogy of the same name to see if I could get to the halfway point before passing out I did I could tell you I skipped meals on the second day I was reading Blood Red because I had every intention of finishing it I did I could tell you that soon after I finished it I posted on Bovberg's wall and did something I have never ever done before asked him if I could alpha read the second book in the trilogy I will Despite the fact that I warned Jason that I used to

  • Josh

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedMuch has been done with zombies over the past decade or so Their resurgence and subseuent explosion in popularity has left fans satiated to say the least So many zombie stories are out there across so many types of mediums that it can be difficult to find a gem that takes conventions and drags them outside the box Jason Bovberg’s Blood Red is one such gemBlood Red the first volume of a projected trilogy follows 19 year old Rache

  • Scott Firestone

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedI don't often read horror novels any so I no longer have a depth or breadth of knowledge within the genre But I know what I like and I liked Blood Red the first book of a projected trilogy by author Jason Bovberg Nineteen year old Rachel wakes up in the college town of Fort Collins to find that nearly everyone is dead and her father is missing Not only is everyone dead but they have an odd red glow coming from inside of their heads What does it mean? Why did Rachel and a few others survive? And did that body just move?Most of the book takes place over roughly 24 hours as Rachel desperately tries to find her father and find out what the heck is going onThe writing is good especially later when the novel tightens up and Bovberg moves out of Adverb City Rachel is an interesting and believable character and even though the book takes

  • Stina

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedBook #9 for 2015This is a hard book for me to rate It's an interesting take on the zombie genre and there were some really creepy tense scenes but I would not put this on par with say The Girl with All the Gifts A big part of that is because I felt there was too much repetition bloating the book and slowing down the action Much like with Deborah Harkness's trilogy I bet some tighter editing would let all three books fit in one nicely paced novel The big difference here is that I'll keep reading this trilogy but can't really be bothered to pick up b

  • Rebecca

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood RedAlthough this book is actually a really uick read and uite the page turner because I am not typically a reader of this genre I only read this in little bits always earlier in the day I read at least a couple other books at the same time for the needed distraction so as to let the terror dissipate before bedtime A couple times I really had to back burner this book I guess I'm just sensitive lolThis is the first book of a trilogy the second of which is written but not released as yet I find some comfort in knowing the trilogy is almost complete I am not generally a lover of books that leave me hanging leave the Why? unanswered ie The Road

  • Heather Faville

    PDF Å BOOK Blood RedFREE ´ JASON BOVBERG Blood Red45 but very much worthy of rounding up to 5 starsWhat can I say about Blood Red? Different? Fresh? Uniue? Yes yes and yes Jason Bovberg has brought us something new to the horror genre Well new to this reader I should say since I have not read anything uite like itAs if waking up to find that 80% of the world is essentially dead and you are one of the few survivors isn't horrible enough our main character Rachel finds that all of the bodies left laying around have this strange glow emanating from them Not knowing what this glow is and in a sort of panic Rachel does a few things that wind up helping her learn a bit but even this thread of information gives no real answer There is one aspect that is mentioned that actually made me get chills It would be a horrifying thing to have to deal with should a situation like this ever actually occur Of course I'm not going to tell you what it is because I don't want to spoil a potential thrilling moment for you readersThe char