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CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood · [PDF / Epub] ☂ Bitch Hollywood ✐ Robert Bryndza – When Filip leaves London for a life in Los Angeles he dreams of being a celebrity stylistBut as the saying goes be careful what you wish forFilip has barely settled into his apartment in the Hollywood When Filip leaves London for a life[PDF / Epub] Bitch Hollywood Robert Bryndza When Filip leaves London for a life in Los Angeles he dreams of being a celebrity stylistBut as the saying goes be careful what you wish forFilip has barely settled into his apartment in the Hollywood When Filip leaves London for a life in Los Angeles he dreams of being a celebrity stylistBut as the sayin.

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Larious world she inhabits surrounded by the famous and infamous residents of the Hollywood HillsWithin a few months Veronica invites him to be her guest at the Oscars and events take on a much darker toneFilip faces a choice; should he dive into the murky waters of life in the Hollywood fast lane Or should he choose happiness and return to the love of his life he left back home in London.

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Bitch HollywoodG goes be careful what you wish forFilip has barely settled into his apartment in the Hollywood Hills when he meets Derek and Hillary a bizarre middle aged gay couple in matching jumpers They introduce him to their neighbour Veronica Madison a movie star on the verge of a nervous breakdownShe hires him to style her for a celebrity charity gala and soon Filip is pulled into the dark and hi.

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  • Richard

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodThis novel is a satirical indictment of everything that is wrong with HollywoodFilip young gay and newly unattached comes to Hollywood to be a stylist to

  • Mark

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodYay This is like it I loved this book from start to finish – well maybe not uite so much the finish but that’s becauseRight from the start this book had me hooke

  • Cat

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodBy one of my favorite authors Robert Bryndzabut also co written with Jan Bryndza his husband and they must be perfectly suited for one another because you can't tell that there are two authors at allAnywayRobert is the author of the most amazing Coco Pinchard seriesand this is just as gooda little darker perhaps For the many of us that love the characters of the Coco Pinchard series you will find the characters kind of distastefulseedy and bitterjaded uite awful actuallyhidden by the glitz and glam mask that they wear outwardly Except for the main character Filip He's a sweetheartFilip moves to Hollywood for his dream job of costume designer in Hollywood

  • Julie Haigh

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodTeam Bryndza great teamI have read a couple of Robert Bryndza's books before published under the 'Team Bryndza' label 'The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard' and 'Coco Pinchard's Big Fat Tipsy Wedding' and how fabulous they are I am eagerly waiting for the third in this series so was really pleased to find this book written by Robert Bryndza and his partner Jan The writing is seamless I don't know how they do the writing together I don't know how they divide who does what but I really

  • Lisa

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodBitch Hollywood as got to be one of the funniest books I have read but amongst the humour there is some very touching scenes that have my tears of laugthter becoming tears of a different kindFilip moves to Hollywood to become a stylist to the stars and meets Hillary and Derek Hillary's character had me laughing so much at his antics and desperation to sell his beauty line also at he was so self absorbed in his own importance he couldn't see how his actions made him look I wont give anything away but there is a toilet scene that had me laughing so hard my stomach felt like I had just finished five hundred sit upsFilip was a great character as he tried to find work and settle into Hollywood life He seemed like too nice a guy to fit into Hollywood lifestyle I loved his sarcasm and how nobody in Hollywood understood itFilip first job in Hollywood comes when Ve

  • NenaLopez

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodThis guy has got to be my new favauthor I love Robert Bryndza's style of writing his humour is incredible Characters are developed beautifully All I wanna know now is who the hell is Veronica Madison I hope I never cross path with her LOVED this book Can't wait for another book from this author

  • M.J.

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodI absolutely loved this story Very funny but also dark This book definitely gets 2 thumbs up from me It's well written perfectly paced and the characters are very believable and easy to relate to The story sounds extremely real

  • Tiffany

    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodFillip has just moved Hollywood in hopes of becoming the next big costume designer He has left behind all of his friends and family along with his boyfriend David for this one chance at his dreams So naturally nothing is going to go right for him As soon as he steps off the plane Fillip is left to fend for himself in this brand new city filled with fake superficial wannabe royalty By chance Phillip meets Derek and Hillary a pair of very atrocious men who introduce him to Hollywood movie star Veronica Madison From there Fillip is thrown into the craziest and hilarious situations and left wondering if this is all truly worth it to make it in HollywoodNot too long ago I read and reviewed another of Robert Bryndza's books The Not So Secret Em

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    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodBritish Humour Meets HollywoodBitch Hollywood by Robert and Jan Bryndza is a delightful read The story starts off with the main character Filip moving to Hollywood from Europe having gotten a chance at a green card to live and work in America Filip is leaving behind everyone he knows including his boyfriend David They both had gotten their dream jobs a continent away from each other Instead of trying to work it long distance they decide to go their seperate ways Filip’s dream job was to be a Costume Designer for films and he makes his way alone to do just that When he arrives in Hollywood expecting to have a friend to help him settle in and show him around he gets tota

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    CHARACTERS ↠ Bitch Hollywood Bitch HollywoodHappiness isn't millions or a huge house Happiness is you and the one you loveREVIEW This book had me bursting with emotions I laughed I cried I outright shouted with frustration This was one heck of a roller coaster ride It had ups and downs twists and turns and I was thrilled to be along for the ride Bitch Hollywood is everything a comedy should be and This book is told through the eyes of twenty five year old Fillip a handsome homosexual who has an eye for fashion When a stoke of lucky presents Fillip with the opportunity to become an American Citizen he jumps at the chance Deciding that Hollywood is the one place he needs to further his career in styling Fillip leaves behind everything he has ever known and everyone he has ever loved to do just that However moving to Hollywood means leaving behind the love of his life David and the home they shared together in London But having made up his mind Fillip ignores his better judgement a