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SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Ý ✵ Passionfruit Poetry Epub ✸ Author Tea Cooper – When famous Sydney fashion photographer Xander Fitzgerald takes a shot of Jeanie Baker his ISO settings hit red alert and no one's life is ever the same again Jeanie believes she is content a small to When famous Sydney fashion photogrPassionfruit Poetry Epub Author Tea Cooper When famous Sydney fashion photographer Xander Fitzgerald takes a shot of Jeanie Baker his ISO settings hit red alert and no one's life is ever the same again Jeanie believes she is content a small to When famous Sydney fashion photographer Xander Fitzgerald takes a shot of Jeanie Baker his I.

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She blossoms into a woman she hardly recognises but the sophistication of Sydney is all smoke and mirrors and her past comes back to haunt her All she wants to do is head home back to passionfruit pie and her grandmother's warm hug Captivated by the girl he first glimpsed through the lens of his camera Xander must prove his connections with her past are not what she believe.


Passionfruit PoetrySO settings hit red alert and no one's life is ever the same again Jeanie believes she is content a small town girl happy running the Cafe Cinematiue with her grandmother until her life takes an unexpected turn and she is thrown unwillingly into the limelight For a girl with few ambitions Jeanie's new life is at once both terrifying and strangely liberating In Xander's company.

SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Tea Cooper writes Australian contemporary and historical fiction In a past life she was a teacher a journalist and a farmer These days she haunts museums and indulges her passion for storytelling.

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  • Brenda

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryJeanie Baker was happily living and working alongside her grandmother Norma in their café and had been since she was a girl when she’d been shipped back to her grandma for her education – but Café Cinematiue was in debt and the idea of Norma’s for exposure and conseuent patronage seemed a good one With the arrival of the famous Sydney photographer Xander Fitzgerald and his team of stick thin models though she found she was rethinking their decisionXander couldn’t believe his eyes when they settled on Jeanie; he had never seen a beautiful young woman But Jeanie’s confidence was sadly lacking and it seemed even Xander’s words wouldn’t convince her otherwise But again Norm

  • Marianne

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryFrom an ARCPassionfruit and Poetry is the fifth novel by Australian author Téa Cooper Over the last six years Jeanie Baker has been uite content to help run her grandmother Norma’s Café Cinematiue in the uiet little town of Oldbridge but her world is suddenly turned upside down when famous photographer Xander Fitzgerald arrives with a cast of stick thin models to do a photo shoot The chemistry between them is immediate and goes both ways although Jeanie can’t believe Xander seriously wants to take her picture After all she’s a size 14 plus surely not model material Cooper’s plot may be the classic boy meets girl etc but this one has a genuine Aussie feel to it Oldbridge is that little town just down the road; the Sydney locations feel reassuringly familiar; and Cooper’s characters sound just like people you overhear in the local café park or supermarket This little ro

  • Annie Seaton

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryTea Cooper has a beautiful writing voice I loved Tree Change and her first historical Lily's LeapHer latest contemporary Passionfruit and Poetry is an absolutely delightful uirky romancethe title says it all And how gorgeous is Xander the heroThis is a delightful story which will uickly immerse the reader in a uirky world of movie stars the fashion industry and home baking I loved seeing the growth of Jeanie as she had her brush with fame and when she is brokenhearted she heads back home to the café back to passion fruit pie and a warm hug

  • Susana Ellis

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryJeanie and her grandmother Norma are barely managing to eke out a living from the café they run in a rural Australian village It's not much but they have each other and Jeanie feels safe and secure out of the limelightUntil a famous photographer comes to town for a photography shootand suddenly Jeanie's spirited away to the bright lights of Sydney where she discovers depths she never knew she possessed The new Jeanie emerges from her cocoon as a beautiful desirable butterfly and slowly but surely the fears of the past disappear with the ugly trappings of her former prisonInspired by Marilyn Monroe and Ms Cooper's passion for old movies this is the story of a lovely young woman whose size fourteen curves and unpleasant childhood memories have given her a feeling of unworthiness and a compulsion to huddle in the background so as not to call attention to herself Xander is the photographer who manages to free her from her prison but

  • Gayl Taylor

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryI am already a fan of Tea Cooper after reading her book Tree Change so I knew I would love this story and I absolutely did To say she has a way with words and storytelling is an understatement Jeanie's insecurities about her plus size figure and her less than ideal childhood were well written They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder Unfortunately for Jeanie she doesn't see her own uniue beauty Lucky for her Xander Fitzgerald does from the famous lens of his camera and otherwise For a short time Jeanie is able to forget her past and feel comfortable in a body that let's face it is normal than the stick figure models in the world Her growth as a young woman enfolds the you readThe plot was well written and engaging My heart

  • Lorraine Hawdon

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryPassionfruit and Poetry – a sweet read Tea’s latest heartfelt romance centers around Jeanie an attractive young woman w

  • Ann Harrison

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryIf nothing else I would gladly have brought this book for the cover alone it is simply stunning But Ms Cooper also produced one of the best feel good stories I have read this year I love a feel good 'coming into your own' kind of story and this one gives you it all A family run business a woman that does not believe in herself and a man to knock her socks off and leave her wishing for the moonWhat could you possibl

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryThis review and many other can be found on my blog My Written RomanceBefore seeing this book on NetGalley I had never heard of the author Téa Cooper Oh I am glad I discovered her Passionfruit and Poetry is a sweet and charming romance where I found myself cheering the hero and heroine on towards their well deserved happy endingJeanie lives in a sleepy little town running a café with her grandmother The café doesn't make too much however it's theirs and it allows Jeanie to live as she feels comfortable out of the spotlight and away from a world that judges her for being a curvy girl Then Xander arrives in town to do a photo shoot at the café He notices something precious and beautiful in Jeanie and takes a set of photos

  • Lola Karns

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryTea Cooper charms her readers in this comedic retro romance that is between a 4 and 5 for me Jeanie lives in rural Australia assisting her Grandma Norma with a café on the edge of existence The movie posters gracing Norma's shop are almost as famous as her Passionfruit meringues but neither keeps seats filled in the small town When famous photographer

  • Joanna Lloyd

    SUMMARY º Passionfruit Poetry Passionfruit PoetryReading this book was like watching the sun come out after weeks of rain I felt like my whole body was smiling and there was a sense of joy bubbling through me This is the funny and heart warming story of Jeanie Baker who hides herself in her grandmother’s Cafe in an obscure country town Jeannie has always had a problem with her weight and at twenty is a plus size What she fails to realise is her curves are voluptuous and her beauty is fresh and innocent Although Jeanie misses these small details celebrity photographer Xander Fitzgerald is captivated from the