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大风刮过 Â 3 summary

review ↠ 桃花债 2 ´ [PDF / Epub] ☂ 桃花债 2 ✐ 大风刮过 – 天枢星君和南明帝君有私情,被玉帝贬下凡界,玉帝钦点我宋珧元君下凡对他二人残酷折磨,棒打鸳鸯。迫于玉帝的权势,本仙君屈服了,下界做了个 天枢星君和南明帝君有私情,被玉帝贬下凡本仙君屈服了,下界做了个藩王世子,将文弱书生天枢星君强抢入府。星君啊,本仙君实在是逼不得以,你我在天庭上还有点梁子,你以为我想和你每晚上睡一张床么?.

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??玉帝的权势,本仙君屈服了,下界做了个? 天枢星君和南明帝君有私情,被玉帝贬下凡界,玉帝钦点我宋珧元君下凡对他二人残酷折磨,棒打鸳鸯。迫于玉帝的权势,.

review ↠ 桃花债 2 大风刮过 Wind.

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桃花债 2[PDF / Epub] 桃花债 2 大风刮过 天枢星君和南明帝君有私情,被玉帝贬下凡界,玉帝钦点我宋珧元君下凡对他二人残酷折磨,棒打鸳鸯。迫?.

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  • Yeyu

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 235Only read this because I realized that this was the first book in a series and I had to read this to get some of the stuff in 如意蛋 despite it featuring a different couple My friend also strongly recommended this fic to me so I decided to read this first I have to sayinteresting uniue premise but I somehow could not really get into this fic for some reason Still it did get a lot better near the end hence I ended up rating this 375 instead of 3 Basically this story is uite humorous as we follow the MC a minor god given the task of ruining the relationship between two gods who were punished for harboring mortal interests in each other They were to suffer hardships as mortal humans and the MC was to be the one who made them suffer MC was to make one of the gods his captive and claim that he was in love with that god just to make the other god angry MC realizes tha

  • Somebody

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 2明明看起来很欢乐,主角这个雅痞各种插科打诨,为什么看完我居然有点想哭作者有毒,给我来一打衡文和一只男主。

  • NF

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 2นิยายแนวเทพเซียนที่อ่านได้แบบสบายๆ ไม่ซับซ้อน สำนวนแปลไหลลื่นดี

  • Lunae Enciel

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 2Happy Ending แต่เพราะเป็นแนวเทพเซียน ความตายจึงไม่ใช่จุดจบ

  • 羽 汪

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 2小说在国内人气很高呢๓´╰╯`๓♡,特意去买了实体书,作者大大的文笔不错

  • Kittenlittle

    review ↠ 桃花债 2 桃花债 2ออกแนวอ่านได้เรื่อยๆนะ เล่มบางๆ เรื่องดูเรียบๆ ความรักก็ไม่ค่อยอินเท่าไหร่ แต่ก็อ่านได้เพลินๆ ค่ะ