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❰Ebook❯ ➢ לימסול Limassol Author Yishai Sarid – Citybells.co.uk Un ufficiale dei servizi segreti israeliani del ramo antiterrorismo ottiene un incarico differente dal solito fingendo di essere un aspirante romanziere deve avvicinare l’affascinante e scrittrice DEbook לימסול Limassol Author Yishai Sarid Citybellscouk Un ufficiale dei servizi segreti israeliani del ramo antiterrorismo ottiene un incarico differente dal solito fingendo di essere un aspirante romanziere deve avvicinare l’affascinante e scrittrice D Un ufficiale dei servizi segreti israeliani del ramo antiterrorismo ottiene un incarico differente dal solito fingendo di essere un aspirante romanziere deve avvicinare l’affascinante e scrittrice Daphna La donna è israeliana ma per ualche motivo i servizi segret

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I vogliono usarla per avvicinare il suo amico Hani conosciutissimo poeta palestinese L’innominato protagonista è in crisi non sa più cosa è giusto e cosa è sbagliato nel suo lavoro e uesto si ripercuote violentemente nel rapporto con la moglie e con il suo bambino Anche la famiglia di Daphna è in crisi a causa dei problemi del figlio tossicodipendente inseguito da un trafficante di Tel Aviv Solo Hani pare trovare conforto nel rapporto con i figli vero obiettivo dei servizi segreti allevati secondo l’educazione palestinese tradizionale Man mano che

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לימסול LimassolIl protagonista penetra nelle vite di Daphna e Hani i due fanno riemergere in lui sentimenti soffocati da anni di attentati interrogatori muscolari e torture facendo vacillare le sue certezze Malgrado ciò porta avanti la sua missione obbligato dal senso del dovere e dai suoi solidi riflessi da soldato Ma per uanto ancora potrà resistere? Un libro stupendo sulle contraddizioni dell’Israele di oggi dei rapporti tra i vari settori della società sul vivere sempre sotto pressione in un paese in guerra e su come ciò influenzi l’etica pubblica e personale

PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol Yishai Sarid Hebrew ישי שריד‎ is an Israeli author novelist and lawyer His second book Limassol became an international best seller His fourth book The Third became a major subject of public and literary discussion in Israel and won the Bernstein literary award Sarid works full time as an attorney formerly as a public prosecutor and now privately.

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  • Fionnuala

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolI’m currently reading a book about hawks and their prey so my thoughts on this bleak story about the Israeli secret police and their hunt for Palestinian terrorists is a little influenced by the hawk story In comparison to the secret police and their methods the hawk although the scourge of many smaller birds appears as utterly noble utterly beautiful even heroic and while I understood the moral uestions regarding the price of survival which Yishai Sarid has examined in Limassol the novel left me feeling hollow and empty Th

  • Greg

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolThis IS a BOOK I READ blah blah blahimageI just wanted this review to look like almost every other review in my

  • Benjamin

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolJohn le Carré this is not Honestly I think it was poorly translated the prose felt incredibly stiff Note to translators avoid the word very in English It is a very boring word And I get that the protagonist is emotionally detached as a result of his job and it's a metaphor for Israeli society but riding it this long it's relying on the form It's not good fictionIt's almost enough to turn me off of translated fiction Thank goodness I'm still reading Pevear Volokhonsky's edition of Anna Karenina

  • Cheryl

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolThe annual longlist of the Dublin Impac awards provides a rich source of titles from around the world that I would otherwise never hear of That is how I came across this book which has since made it on to the short list It is the tale of an Israeli secret service man who specializes in interrogation He is just a guy doing his job protecting the good guys from the bad guys And that's his justification for his willful blindness to the cruelties he helps perpetuate But his marriage and interior life are crumbling and we watch it happen in slow motion as he desperately tries to maintain his professional rigor in another assignment We simultaneously want him to succeed because we can identify with his personal travails but we also want him to fail because his objectives seem abhorrent Israel and Cyprus are exotic settings to a Canadian Good read 3 12

  • Jake Goretzki

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolSplendid This one was shortlisted for the Impac Award in 2012 and is another one to thank Daunt Books in London for promoting Thank heavens for small publishersA power packing little novel that really captures the troubling Janus face of the Israel that I still often awkwardly love On the one hand we see a disturbing world of sophisticated surveillance paranoia brutality and covert war “We use satellites to smell th

  • Zuberino

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolSuperb thriller set in contemporary Israel featuring a memorably sympathetic anti hero A secret service agent in the employ of the Zionist state he is struggling to hold on to his humanity even as he smashes open Palestinian mouths and deploys interrogation techniues right out of Abu Ghraib in the

  • Kit Fox

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolI dug it but wasn't blown out of the water by it Maybe too little happened? I mean in le Carre county things go slow but at least stuff happens Great atmosphere though Just wanted it to be longer an

  • Nihal Vrana

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolWell it has many ingredients to be a good book; it is just a bit too undercooked and short The characters are mostly 2 dimensional and stereotypical Also there is an underlying tear jerkeriness that I did not appreciate But the structure of the story is pretty good Also it shows the dead end of workaholic tendencies very well As a workaholic that was a good cautionary tale

  • Aaron (Typographical Era)

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול LimassolI thought that reading seven of the ten titles on the 2012 Best Translated Book Award yes Stone Upon Stone I swear I’m still coming for you at some point might burn me out a little from wanting to read translated works for a bit but then along came Limassol as part of the IMPAC Awards shortlist and I was instantly intrigued for several reasons First it isn’t every day I get to read a novel that was translated from Hebrew second the chance to be inside the head of an Israeli secret police interrogator for an entire novel seemed utterly fascinating to me and third well I’l

  • Rick

    PDF ´ BOOK לימסול Limassol לימסול Limassol Limassol is a gritty tense terse novel about an Israeli interrogator who has been dealing with terrorists and suspected terrorists too long His marriage is dying as his obsessive dedication to his grim work takes its corrosive toll Because of his ability as a writer and his once liberal views the interrogator is asked to go undercover to use a beautiful middle aged Israeli writer w