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read & download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Geoffrey Household Te undetected into the dictator’s private compound He does He has the potential target in his sites and is wondering whether to pull the trigger when security catches up with him Imprisoned tortured doomed to a painful death the hunter makes an extraordinary and harrowing escape fleeing through enemy territory to the safety of his native England But that safety is delusive his pursuers will not be diverted from their revenge by national borders; the British go.

characters Rogue Male

characters Rogue Male 100 ´ ❮Reading❯ ➿ Rogue Male Author Geoffrey Household – 1930 something a professional hunter is passing through an unnamed Central European country that is in the thrall of a vicious dictator The hunter wonders whether he can penetrate undetected into the something a professional hunter is passing Reading Rogue Male Author Geoffrey Household 1930 something a professional hunter is passing through an unnamed Central European country that is in the thrall of a vicious dictator The hunter wonders whether he can penetrate undetected into the something a professional hunter is passing through an unnamed Central European country that is in the thrall of a vicious dictator The hunter wonders whether he can penetra.

characters Rogue Male 100 British author of mostly thrillers though among books he also published children's fiction Household's flight and chase novels which show the influence of John Buchan were often narrated in the first person by a gentleman adventurer Among his best know works is' Rogue Male' a suggestive story of a hunter who becomes the hunted in filmed by Fritz Lang as 'Man Hunt' Household'.

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Rogue MaleVernment cannot protect him without seeming to endorse his deed The hunter must flee society and he goes literaly underground like a fox to its earth The hunter has become the huntedGeoffrey Household’s Rogue Male is a classic thriller and a triumph of suspense Described by Household as a “bastard offspring of Stevenson and Conrad” the book is no less remarkable as an exploration of the lure of violence the psychology of survivalism and the call of the wild.

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  • Jeffrey Keeten

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue Male”I hold no brief for the pre war spartan training of the english upper class or middle class as it is now the fashion to call it leaving the upper to the angels since in the ordinary affairs of a conventional life it is not of the slightest value to anyone; but it is of use on the admittedly rare occasions when one needs a high degree of physical e

  • Matthias

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleThis review consists of two partsPart I A Study of Ratings musings that may not interest potential readers of this bookPart II In pursuit of the Rogue Male Rating the book reviewPart I A Study of RatingsGoodreads Ratings such a strange species aren't they We've all seen them we all know them we've all had some in our care but still they retain a certain air of mystery Their purpose categorisation Their paradox their growing population becomes ever complex and Ratings themselves become difficult to categorise This study is part of an effort to closely examine these interesting creatures The first distinction to be made is the one between domesticated Ratings and

  • Nandakishore Varma

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleThis book is considered to be a classic of the thriller genre After finishing it I can understand why And also why like most classi

  • Issicratea

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleI defy anyone to read this novel at a measured and reflective pace; it’s one for wolfing I devoured it at speedOn the surface this is simply a piece of very successful genre fiction—people compare it with John Buchan’s The Thirty Nine Steps and there are certainly similarities of plot hero pursued by enemy agents; takes to the hills It’s an infinitely better book than Buchan’s though in my opinion It’s extremely well written f

  • Ian

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleI remember seeing a British film version of this book in the 1970s starring Peter O’Toole though I don’t recall much of the detail The book itself came to my mind after reading the review by my GR Friend Dax The Introduction to the edition I read comments that RLStevenson’s “Kidnapped” was the book that started the “hunted man” genre and that John Buchan and Graham Greene picked up that baton before passing it to Geoffrey Household who published this novel in 1939 As I’m sure others will have comme

  • Laura

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleThis certainly had me on the edge of the seat or jumping out of it at several points with the tensionAnd I enjoyed Rogue Male's visceral interaction with the Dorset countryside The only downside I felt was that Household had his

  • Lobstergirl

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleAn unnamed narrator a Brit on a shooting trip in Poland decides to wander over to an unnamed dictator's clearly Hitler compound across the border His reasons for doing this are revealed later After hours of surveilling the property he is caught with the dictator in his rifle sights tortured the torture is off page dropped over a cliff and presumed dead He is not dead and he goes on the run The novel consists of the hunt for the unnamed narratorI'm a John Buchan fan and the similarities to his adventure novels were uickly apparent in Rogue Male protagonists who are well educated even upper class yet improbably macho They live by their wits in the out of doors chased by evil conspirators When they kill it's usually in self defense They can flee through a dense forest without leaving a twig snapped sleep upright in the crotches of trees MacGyver an animal carcass into a slingshot and they always have enough cash

  • Ken

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue Male Rogue Male is a chase book that gains momentum as it goes along When the clever protagonist being pursued meets his match in an eually clever antagonist giving pursuit the reader can't help but breeze through pages to see who wins the high stakes chess match Luckily I stopped reading Victoria Nelson's introduction when I sensed it might give up too much of the plot I went back to it after finishing the book and yes it did which makes one wonder why it's not an afterword instead of an introduction It's good It's just in the wrong place So don't read it first if you pick up the nyrb version of this bookAnyway set back in time a bit this novel pits an ever polite Brit against an eually polite German All I can say is beware of polite people They kill politely Also it's a tough book for claustrophobes Our hero is ultimately chased into a burrow an underground lair where he draws comparison to animals holed away from hunters above The description of life in this close space is not for the

  • Nigeyb

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleI came to 'Rogue Male' by Geoffrey Household knowing very little about it other than it is regarding by many as a classic The set up is simple the story told with understated economy and amusing nonchalance and the reader is plunged straight into the action from the very first pageIt's 1938 and our stiff upper lipped English aristocrat narrator has left England with the possible intention of assassinating an unnamed European dictator resembling Hitler He is caught by the dictator's secret service guards and having been badly tortured is thrown over a cliff and left for dead His initial challenge is to leave the country despite being barely able to walk with limited use of his hands and with only one fully functioning eye The book's lack of names helps to create

  • Tony

    characters Rogue Male 100 Rogue MaleThe first person protagonist of this book is unnamed but everyone he meets knows who he is He does not have a job as far as the story is told; rather he is an adventurer and a famous one He is caught trying to assassinate a European tyrant also unnamed but clearly Hitler tortured left for dead; and then when he is clearly not dead and back in England bad guys pop up like some child's pounding game At one level the book is about his very specific step by step flight and concealment He lives off the land Of course the book is also