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➥ [Ebook] ➠ Losing It By Julia Lawrinson ➯ – To avoid Losing It in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy metal T shirt after too many teuila shots four best friends make a bet to lose it before schoolies week – and preferably in a romantiFollows is a sometimes funny sometimes awkward but always compelling comedy of errors as Abby Mala Bree and Zoe each try to find their Mr Right or at least get laidA hilarious and thought provoking novel by the award winning author of Bye Beautiful and The Push

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Preferably in a romanti To avoid Losing It in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy metal T shirt after too many teuila shots four best friends make a bet to lose it before schoolies week – and preferably in a romantic sober way that they won't regretWhat

MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Julia Lawrinson is an Australian writer of children's and young adult fiction Her debut novel Obsession Fremantle Press won the Western Australian Premier's Prize for Young Adult Writing since then her work has been shortlisted for numerous awards Her latest book for children was the Flyaway Girls Puffin Her latest book for young adults is Before You Forget PenguinRandomHouse .

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Losing ItEbook Losing It By Julia Lawrinson Citybellscouk To avoid Losing It in the bushes with some random guy in a heavy metal T shirt after too many teuila shots four best friends make a bet to lose it before schoolies week – and

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  • Reynje

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItYou say “Virginity Challenge” I think cliché ridden teen comedy film featuring at least one gross out scene and double entendres than you can shake a stick atRight or wrong what immediately comes to my mind is the tired formula of a group of teens and their various misadventures on a “hilarious” uest to lose their virginity before insert momentous high school event hereBut Julia Lawrinson’s Losing It is not a cheap laugh at a string of sex jokes While it definitely has its funny moments this is a deeper look at four characters and the personal motivations

  • Steph

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItBooks with suggestive titlescovers make me feel awkward when purchasing them or taking them out at the library How on earth people buy or borrow those romance books with half naked people on the cover is entirely beyond me Every time I see someone with a Kindle the only logical conclusion is that they are reading a book too embarrassing to reveal the cover to anyone else Fortunately they have self serve check outs at the library near where I live now I love self serve check outs Every time I go to the supermarket I feel like I'm living in the future It's sensational After having read an extract from the beginning of Losing It I wasn't particularly interested in reading it to be entirely honest with you But still I pick

  • Nadia King

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItI have to admit I thought the premise of Losing It by Julia Lawrinson sounded dubious Four high school friends challenge themselves to lose their virginity before the end of Year 12 This could have been trivial possibly nonsensical but Lawrinson gives readers a sensitively told and compassionate look into the girls’ complicated and at times heartbreaking lives Without giving away spoilers watch out for the character Matty who is a wonderful minor although pivotal character in the book Losing It is a sometimes funny and sensitively written story about finding yourself and losing your virginity A heartwarming YA read about friendship and relationships

  • Amanda

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItLosing It is set in a fictional suburb in Australia The story opens with four friends Bree Mala Zoe and Abby sitting in Mala's bedroom They're drinking the vodka that they managed to sneak in and talking about boys and sex of course Together they are the Geek Girls also know as the GeeGees and they wear their name with pride All four of them attend St Michael's Anglican College on scholarships and they have been friends since year seven They're now in

  • Celine

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItReview originally posted in a cute cover When I first saw the cover I thought those hearts were balloons but after reading the book I found out that they are not actually balloonsStory4 girls end of year 12 Losing ItI never thought Losing It was such an enjoyable read Losing It is a story of four girls who are trying to

  • ALPHAreader

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItMeet Bree Zoe Abby and Mala – the GeeGees aka ‘Geek Girls’ The GeeGees uickly banded together as the outcast scholarship kids at prestigious SMAC aka ‘St Michael’s Anglican College and ever since then they have been inseparableBree is the gl of their group – she turns boy’s heads but has a reputation as an ice ueenAbby is a sweet Christian girl – but don’t be fooled because it’s the uiet ones you’ve got to look out forMala is the dutiful daughter who is slowly being suffocated by her lovingly over protective familyAnd Zoe is trying to control her insatiable love of men’s muscly arms and trying to keep her jealousy of Bree in checkAll four girls are currently still in possession of their V plates aka ‘virginity’ but all that’s about to change Schoolies week is statistically speaking the time in a young girl’s life when she is most likely to pop her cherry But losing it on a sandy beach surrounded by boozing te

  • Ashley

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing Ithad to sleep on my opinion of this one but here it goes I originally picked up this title in a Booktopia Easter weekend sale and as it's been sitting on my shelf fairly untouched for the past two years I thought it was about time I picked it up My tastes have changed a bit since I got it and a book about four girls who challenge each other to lose their virginities before 'schoolies' week wasn't something I was keen onI was wrong I thoroughly enjoyed this book It consists of four stories of girls exploring their sexualities bookended by the creation of the challenge at the start and the culmination of the challenge at the end The stories take place in chronological order of the

  • Christy Ngo

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItWhen I first got this book I actually liked the cover red cover with the hearts I thought it was going to just a YA contemporary read Well it wasn’t exactly what I expectedWhile reading the first few chapters I grew interested in the 4 girls who are actually uite different I finished the books in half a day and I really enjoyed reading it I liked the way the book was written It was as though I was actually reading 4 stories of 4 girls which made me being able to feel connected to the girls I’m not sure if I would recommend this book to younger teens though being from a very traditional family I would recommend parents to read the book first before making a decision to have your teenager read it

  • Bree T

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItAbby Mala Bree and Zoe are the Geek Girls at their exclusive private high school where they’re mostly there on scholarships They bonded almost right away and have been friends ever since Now about to go in to year 12 the talk is suddenly about virginity and the losing of itBree comes up with an idea – in order to avoid losing their collective virginity in drunken fumbles on the beach or behind a seedy club on schoolies week at the end of the year like a high proportion of their fellow students she thinks they should make a pact to all ‘lose it’ during the year Their terms their choice fully sober and not with someone that they won’t run from screaming in the morning That way they’ll have no regrets about one of the most important moments in their young livesAfter an hour of debate they agree to make it a bet where nothing will be revealed between the friends regarding their success or failure with ‘losing it’ until they are actually at schoolies Agree

  • Sinead

    MOBI ↠ DOC Losing It õFREE Losing ItWhile I think it's nice and naive when it comes to high school girls and it is a uick read it was a bit cringe worthy I personally think most of the situations the characters were in were over dramatic and all of them were really one dimensional when it came to character development and backstory