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➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Emporium By Adam Johnson ➦ – An ATF raid a moonshot gone wrong a busload of female cancer victims determined to live life to the fullest—these are the compelling terrains Adam Johnson explores in his electrifying debut collectiKINDLE Emporium By Adam Johnson Citybellscouk An ATF raid a moonshot gone wrong a busload of female cancer victims determined to live life to the fullest—these are the compelling terrains Adam Johnson explores in his electrifying debut collecti An ATF raid a moonshot gone wrong a busload of female

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S made uncertain by the voids that parents and lovers should fill With imaginative grace and verbal acuity Johnson is satirical without being cold clever without being cloying and heartbreaking without being sentimental He shreds the veneer of our media saturated self help society revealing the lonely isolation that binds us all together

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EmporiumCancer victims determined to live life to the fullest—these are the compelling terrains Adam Johnson explores in his electrifying debut collection A lovesick teenage Cajun girl a gay Canadian astrophysicist a teenage sniper on the LAPD payroll a post apocalyptic bulletproof vest salesman—each seeks connection and meaning in landscape

Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback Adam Johnson was born in South Dakota and raised in Arizona He earned a BA in Journalism from Arizona State University in ; a MFA from the writing program at McNeese State University in ; and a PhD in English from Florida State University in Johnson is currently a San Francisco writer and associate professor in creative writing at Stanford University He founded the Stanford Graphi.

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  • Rae Meadows

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumMan can Adam Johnson write I have not yet read The Orphan Master's Son for which he won the Pulitzer though I plan to In the stories of this book Johnson creates worlds that are off kilter some downright bizarre and his prose zings barely containable on the page Johnson's creative gifts are on full display which at times I will admit I was resistant to I found myself wary of the anti realism not that he doesn't do it beautifully Having been thoroughly wowed by his writing I will also say that I wasn't much moved by this book Most of the stories have a heavy male vibe to them not that there's anything wrong with that but maybe on an emotional level I felt a distance There is a strong fatherson theme throughout The three stories I found the most fulfilling The Jughead of Berlin the one female protagonistYour O

  • Sofia

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumJohnson seeks connection with this one or his characters do And in three of the stories I felt this connection as a reader too My three favourites Teen Sniper Your Own Backyard and The Death Dealing Cassini Satellite drove the point for me The others maybe less so but still flashes from those stories keep flashing in my mind from time to time Like with any other connections stories sometimes create a strong thread other times the thread is fragile or even gets lost Johnsons gives different scenarios some of them uite sci fi and uses them to explore how the outside environment presses on our needs our connection to others which we need to be So we end up fighting the outside which keeps us from the connection we needMy favourite stories get 5 stars the other 3 stars so I'm averaging out at 4 starsRead with MayaTe

  • Maya

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumHaving read three of his books this year I can say that Adam Johnson is my favorite contemporary author His stories are never conventional sometimes venturing deep into the weird whe

  • Evan Leach

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumAdam Johnson's debut short story collection shows tantalizing potential Johnson is a talented writer and the prose on display here is strong There is also great creativity in these stories which feature teenage sniper experts busloads of hard partying cancer patients a top secret Canadian space program and much My favorite entries Teen Sniper and the Canadanaut also feature sneaky funny humor reminiscent of George Saunders; indeed these stories are so similar to some of Saunders' work that it seems likely that he was a major influence on JohnsonHowever as much promise as this collection shows Johnson is still a developing talent at this point Most of these stories intrigue but don't uite come together

  • Rupert

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumThe characters in Emporium Adam Johnson's first book of stories have a newer optimistic vocabulary for violence This is what Lt Kim tells Tim the teen police sniper he will achieve through positive visualization during his kills in the lead story Teen SniperTim and most of the other absurd almost nightmare humans that people Johnson's collection could be hard partying nephews of Crash author JG Ballard's claustrophobic visions of the human race Or considering that most of these stories are dark satires maybe like distant cousins of Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club members They've gone so far past the apocalypse that in Trauma Plate nostalg

  • Jacob

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumOctober 2009There is a sense of decay throughout Adam Johnson's stories of an unraveling Things will eventually fall apart; the center won't hold for long A teen sniper for the LAPD deals with near daily holdups and hostage situations in a juiced up Silicon Valley while getting girl advice from a bomb sniffing robot A bulletproof vest salesman loses business to the big box megastore Canadian scientists fail to invent a death ray and struggle to land a man on the moon a family prepares for an ATF raid an ex cop kills unwanted zoo animals while growing apart from his son and everyone seems powerless to save their relationships and themselves from the merciless flow of timeIt's a mixed group a few okay some really good but overall this is a nice collection and yet another lucky find from an online clearance sale Debut collection too so I'm looking forward to what Adam Johnson gives us nextSide note Some of the stories bits and pieces of the prose characters situations oc

  • Karen Michele

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumI had a wonderful literary experience attending the Orcas Island Lit Festival last weekend Adam Johnson was one of the talented authors I had a chance to hear interviewed I have read The Orphan Master's Son and Fortune Smiles so I purchased Emporium for the signing and to read and enjoy his early work One of the best features of the collection was the variety which kept my interest and showe

  • Billie Pritchett

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumPretty strong collected by Adam Johnson here Emporium would be an enjoyable read for anyone Off the top of my head it's hard not to be moved by Trauma Plate Teen Sniper the opening story or The Death Dealing Cassini Satellite Most but not all? of these stories are set in a near future where the world gets a little less inhumane as a response to awful things that occur in the world People turn to drastic measures

  • Rashaan

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumThere are four seamless and wildly inventive tales that illustrate excellent story telling This book is also a wonderful classroom text for College Reading Development Students have consistently responded positively to reading those four stories and many in depth and thought provoking class discussions have been spurred by Teen Sniper Your Own Backyard Trauma Plate and The Jughead of Berlin Highly recommended read for studying and appreciating the craft of fiction and to spark reading interes

  • Michael

    Read doc ✓ Emporium ↠ Paperback EmporiumThis book struck me as a bad impression of the contemporary Ironic Male Short Story Writer Even the diction seemed loosely formed and without a cert