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SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता ì ➿ चंद्रकांता Free ➶ Author Babu Devakinandan Khatri – The dashing Prince Virendra of Naugarh is madly in love with the breathtakingly beautiful Princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh But there are obstacles galore in the paths of the lovers There चंद्रकांता Free Author Babu Devakinandan Khatri The dashing Prince Virendra of Naugarh is madly in love with the breathtakingly beautiful Princess Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh But there are obstacles galore in the paths of the lovers There are evil mi The dashing Prince Virendra of Naugarh is madly in love with the breathtakingly beautiful Princess.

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Chandrakanta of Vijaygarh But there are obstacles galore in the paths of the lovers There are evil ministers with sinister magicians at their beck and call enemy kings only too happy to go into battle masters of disguise who can fool the cleverest of spies and magic all around Then Chandrakanta gets trapped in a fantastic maze from which only Virendra can rescue her But will he be able to decipher the clue.

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चंद्रकांताS follow the trail correctly and get to her before it is too late And will their friends Tej Singh Chapla and the others help them adeuately with their deep knowledge of the art of divination and disguise Chandrakanta is a popular Hindi novel by Devaki Nandan Khatri It is considered to be the first work of prose in the modern Hindi language and may have significantly contributed to the language's popularit.

SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता After his earlier education Devkinandan Khatri moved to Tekari Estate in Gaya He became an employee of the Raja of Benares He started a printing press called Lahari and started a Hindi monthly Sudarshan in The various works of Khatri and his son Durga Prasad were republished by Lahari Press in the early st century Lahari Press is still in existence in Ramkatora Pisnahariya Kuwan.

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  • Neha

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताThe entire journey of 300 pages was just awesome the story the characters the magic the twists turns the plot making my imagination as lush green as rains turn the 'Konkan region' Unlike a magic or fantasy book it does not have a super hero or magical stuff giving super powers its about how cleverly ethically the Aiyaars use their tricks to investigate the truth spy to end animosity between kings and finish wars without a single shot fired It gives you a feeling of ‘Lord of the Rings’ kind of an epic faring better in lot of ways but lacking mainly because its written in a regional language infact not even polished Hindi but the local Hindi dialect of UP Bihar To read

  • Ashish Iyer

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताVery interesting read I enjoyed reading it Reading in regional language is uite an experience Love the way how author weaved his story Its a shame that book is not that famous

  • Namratha

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताWowJust wowFor a lover of epic fantasy spell binding magic swashbuckling adventure and flawless narrative I am appalled that this adaptation has been gathering dust on my bookshelf for such a long timeThe original tale has many feathers in its royal turban1 Chandrakanta is considered to be the first authentic work of Hindi prose in the Adhunik Kaal modern period2 The author wrote ‘bayans’ or short chapters between 1888 and 1891 which were published serially and widely distributed People were so enchanted with the twists and turns in this nail biting fantasy that it contributed to the learning of Hindi and the Devnagari script just so that could read and soak in these stories 3 It may unarguably be the first mystery novel in Hindi 4 The author goes down in the annals of Hindi literature as a figure who contributed to the growth of the Hindi novel the Hindi language and most pleasingly the reading habitd It was what can b

  • Onaiza Khan

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताIt's an interesting supernatural tale but stinks of religionism

  • Gorab Jain

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताWhen I picked this book I had faint memories of Chandrakanta aired on DD1 in the 90's But all I remembered was Krursingh's Yakkooo But the character is forgettable in the bookAlmost gave up on it because by 35 pages the characters known as aiyaars impersonated each other than 100 times I'm not exaggerating though I didn't count But it became very predictable and irritatingIts in the later parts that the story becam

  • Aravind

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांता Chandrakanta is India's fitting answer to the Persian tales of magic and adventure popularly known as Dastans It is the story of a beautiful princess a valiant prince who loves her some bad men who covet her a Tilisma or a magical place where she gets imprisoned and a whole lot of Aiyaars or spy magicians helping both the good and the bad sides It is the latter ones that hold the centre stage in this story; they can change their appearance at will they can carry heavy loads they can beat the horses in speed they have potions for every purpose they are tireless and they have the best sense of humour There are a couple of female ones too called Aiyaaras with similar abilitiesThe author has tried to explain the magic of the aiyaars and tilismas in scientific terms and has not done a convincing job I feel

  • Alok

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताDespite of being one of the earliest novels of hindi literature Chandrkanta leaves a lasting impression on readers' minds in terms of relatable characters depiction of kin relationships and a storytelling style that has a tinge of rural North India Readers from East UP Bihar and MP will immediately be at home with the language used in the book even if they aren't acuainted with the namesake TV serial Chandrkanta was immensely popular during 90sNovel has certain differences compared to the tv serial Character s of antagonists of Kunwar Veerendra Singh viz Kroor Singh Shivdutt etc are much evolved and those of his family and friends such as Tej Singh Devi Singh are less elaborate in the TV serialAt some points unnecessary plot points have been included in th

  • Sumit Ghosh

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताOne of the most enchanted books I ever read Personally I am not very fond of romantic stories so I kept it aside for a long while But at the same time it is a wonderful story full of magical tricks Not a magic which can summon mythical beast or celestial weapon but a pure earthly science which makes the story real Everywhere there is a game of wit talent and cunning which keeps your brain occupied in an attempt to guess what might have happened and what may come nextMy suggestion would be to use a real book instead of a soft copy There would be several time when you may expect an ending and soon you would realize that it is a beginning of something interesting With a hard copy you can always have an idea how far you are yet to go

  • Dhiraj Sharma

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताThis is a tale of kings princes princesses their loyal friends aiyaars tilisms magical maze loyalists traitors et alNo wonder the original version in Hindi written by Babu Devkinandan Khatri in the late 19th century must have been an enormous novella The author has done excellent work by translating this tale into English The story moves at a brisk pace though while reading this English translated version you can make out that some incidentschapters in original Hindi one would ha

  • Prakash

    SUMMARY Ê चंद्रकांता चंद्रकांताThis is if memory serves right is the first fiction novel I ever read Loaned to me by my Uncle I just lapped it up An absolute marv